From brand new skincare to updated formulas of old favourites, the new beauty releases in June 2020 are sure to appeal to all.

It appears that the beauty gods are bestowing upon us the gift of variation this June. You name the category, we’re sure to have it below — from skincare to fragrances and even makeup. There are brand-new products, limited-edition must-haves, and also updates of iconic favourites, like the Shiseido sunscreen we all know and love.

You may not think beauty products are worthy investments during the pandemic, but here’s where you’re wrong. Treating your skin and inner self well is an important part of self-care. If your skin has been feeling dull and lifeless lately, then some of these products might help breathe life back into your skin — like Fresh’s new oil-infused serum and lip scrub.

As for fragrances, its scent has always had the power to whisk us off to a different place in our minds. Plus, putting on perfume despite going nowhere could actually help uplift your mood, as it makes you feel primped. And makeup? We won’t tell anyone you’re putting on makeup just to film a new TikTok video.

Browse through these new beauty releases below, and you might even be convinced to pick something up by the end of this story.

New releases from Fresh

This June, Fresh is not releasing just one or two products but three: the Rose Oil-Infused Serum, Rose Lip Cream, and its iconic Sugar Hydrating Lip Balms in three new flavours.

The Rose Oil-Infused Serum is an exciting one, combining the hydrating features of botanical oils (Fresh uses a blend of rose flower, camelina, rosehip, and squalane) and soothing properties of water (the range’s iconic rosewater and damask rose extract) to create petal-soft skin. To use, shake the bottle to combine the two elements and apply onto skin. The texture is a silky liquid type that will absorb easily into the skin.

Adding on to the Rose range is the Rose Lip Cream, a sheer conditioning balm that’s sure to keep your pout hydrated and comfortable all day long. It’s the brand’s first-ever lip cream, enriched with rose flower oil for soft and soothed lips.

Finally, Fresh’s Sugar Hydrating Lip Balms need no introduction. This June, the brand is releasing three new flavours that sound absolutely juicy: Watermelon, Lime Mint, and limited-edition Blood Orange. Perfect for the summer season, these lip balms are handy to tote around, boasting the same effective formula to nourish dry lips.

The Rose Oil-Infused Serum and Rose Lip Cream are now available in Sephora and will be available in the Fresh Mid Valley Boutique June 3rd onwards. Meanwhile, the Sugar Hydrating Lip Balms are available from June onwards.

Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum
Rose Lip Cream
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Chloé Nomade Absolu De Parfum

We might not be able to voyage outside our homes now, but thankfully scent has the power to bring our minds on a journey. The latest Chloé Nomade Absolu De Parfum might just bring you on a trip to the rugged yet beautiful deserts. Inspired by a nomadic woman, the fragrance is sophisticated yet luxuriant, a genius creation by Quentin Bisch of Givaudan. The perfume opens with Mirabelle plum for an attractive chypre-fruity character, slowly moving into the heart of oakmoss and velvety davana. At the end of the day, the fragrance warms up into a creamy and woody richness thanks to the soft sandalwood.

Intrigued yet? The perfume is now available at all major departmental stores and Sephora.

RM275 (30ml), RM410 (50ml), RM534 (75ml)
New releases from Gucci Beauty

If the gorgeous vintage-inspired lipsticks from Gucci enamoured you, then you’ll be happy to know that more beauty releases will be dropping in the Gucci Beauty store in Suria KLCC this June. These items are the Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel, a pressed face powder; Crayon Définition Sourcils, an eyebrow pencil; and the Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière, a multi-use clear gloss. These are basic yet effective makeup tools that will definitely be part of your daily makeup routine.

The Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel (Beauty Powder) is a pressed face powder with buildable coverage yet gives off a lightweight and smooth texture. Its delicate floral fragrance and gold case is reminiscent of makeup in the yesteryears, much like the rest of its collection. The face powder is available in 12 varying shades.

The Crayon Définition Sourcils (Powder Eyebrow Pencil) is another must-have for your makeup repertoire. The powder-finish pencil gives your brows a natural finish, and it’s available in six shades. Finally, the Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière (Multi-use Gel Gloss) is perhaps the boldest item of the lot. Use this clear gel for a wet eye makeup look, to add radiance to high points in your face, or even to recreate kiss curls and lay swirls on your baby hair.

Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel — Beauty Powder
Crayon Définition Sourcils — Powder Eyebrow Pencil
Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière — Multi-use Gel Gloss
Shiseido The Perfect Protector

If you think you don’t need sunscreen just because you’re all cooped up indoors, we hate to break it to you: you still need it. Wherever there are windows in your home, sunlight will come filtering in — and that includes UV rays. If you’re running low, stock up with Shiseido’s reformulated The Perfect Protector. Upgraded with SynchroShield technology, this new innovation responds to changes in the environment. With the Heatforce technology in SynchroShield, it makes the sunscreen veil stronger when exposed to heat, while the Wetforce technology strengthens the sunscreen veil when exposed to water or sweat. A sunscreen that performs well in hot and sunny conditions? Sounds perfect for Malaysia.

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick

Rihanna might be putting a hold on releasing new albums, but she sure isn’t stopping on her beauty releases. Fenty Beauty has just announced the release of a new lipstick formula: the Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick. If you’re not fond of the overly shiny Gloss Bomb or the bold opacity of the Mattemoiselle matte lipstick and Lip Paint, perhaps this finish might be up your alley. It’s an easy, everyday lipstick in 10 wearable high-shine shades. Its texture is creamy and nourishing, making it feel extremely comfortable on your lips. The lipstick is buildable too, in case you want more opacity.

The Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick will be available online in from June 11th and in stores from June 25th. 

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