It’s already hard enough keeping up with changing fashion trends, let alone the latest beauty looks. Unlike tops, dresses, and accessories that you can easily purchase off the shelves, hairstyles are easy to see but extremely hard to follow. Yes, we may have the convenience of simply visiting the salon to get our hair done, but constant hair styling will damage the hair.

The heat from styling tools and chemicals from hair dyes and even excessive pulling and tugging can cause damage to the hair. Excessive use of hair styling products like heat protectors, wax, and gels weigh down the strands which could lead to breakage.

That’s why hair conditioning is important. The conditioner immensely nourishes your hair and further protects it once it’s dried. To top it off, hair oil is highly recommended to be included in your hair regimen to further hydrate your strands. As the ends are likely to get damaged because it’s the oldest, hair oils are great for reviving them, making it soft to the touch and also to reduce its frizziness.

With these new hair oils, your hair will look shinier and healthier than ever. But that also doesn’t mean that you can go all out with the styling tools. Remember that less is more.