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Brand edit: 5 best Laneige products to try

Fans of Korean skincare and cosmetics will be familiar with Laneige. Emphasising on hydration as its expertise, the prominent beauty label has spent over 20 years researching the Laneige Water Science, a technology exclusive to the brand that helps women with different skin types achieve optimum hydration. For instance, it carries a Sleeping Mask line that’s formulated to retain moisture inside the skin for extended hours.

Launched in 1994, the brand is no newcomer to the scene. But it has managed to stay relevant by constantly researching the market and developing new, innovative products that push the boundaries of skincare and makeup. It also revolutionised the world of makeup by introducing products such as the iconic BB Cushion — a fuss-free compact case equipped with a sponge soaked in BB cream, so that users can do their makeup on the go. It also helps that the brand constantly engages popular South Korean celebrities as its ambassadors, such as actresses Song Hye Kyo and Lee Sung Kyung.

Laneige products to try
Lee Sung Kyung is one of Laneige’s brand ambassadors.

Laneige’s products are available at its stores in the popular shopping malls in the Klang Valley, such as 1 Utama and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, as well as online. If you’re looking to try the brand’s products for the first time, here’s a guide to the 5 best Laneige items you can consider adding to your beauty arsenal.

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Water Sleeping Mask

The mother of all sleeping masks, the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is a true icon and cult favourite from the brand. As its name suggests, slather it on as the final step in your night-time beauty routine. Literally have your beauty sleep, because you will awaken to significantly plumped, hydrated skin thanks to a combination of Sleep-Tox, a technology that calms skin from external pollutants and stressors, as well as Hydro Ionized Mineral Water to maximise moisture retainment. So if your skin has been feeling parched, you know which product you need to turn to.

RM82, Hermo 

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BB Cushion Whitening

Laneige is one of the top brands that comes to mind whenever anyone mentions BB cushions. The iconic Laneige BB Cushion has even gone through several facelifts over the years, with its third generation emerging just last year. The cushion now has a fancy diamond print, which is actually functional: The Skin Fit design is meant to pick up just the right amount of product for a thin, even layer of application each time. Simply pat onto skin for that coveted dewy, K-beauty look.

RM129, Hermo

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Lip Sleeping Mask

It perhaps comes as no surprise that the brand that brought you sleeping masks also invented the Lip Sleeping Mask. With all the moisture-sucking matte lipsticks we slick on a daily basis, we definitely do not pay enough due diligence to our lips. Lip balms can only provide so much moisture — for more heavy duty hydration, break out the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. Not only does the berry-licious scent entice us, the Moisture Wrap technology also forms an eight-hour time-release moisturising layer over lips.

RM65, Hermo

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Two Tone Lip Bar

South Korean women championed the gradient lip look, but it was Laneige that made life easier for the women who wanted to achieve the look quickly and on a daily basis. The Two Tone Lip Bar is a lipstick that contains two meticulously-paired colours to achieve an effortless gradient lip look. The lipstick helps you out with two criteria: Picking two matching lip shades, and enabling ease of application. Simply swipe onto lips with the lighter shade on the outer part of your lips and the darker shade on the inner part of your lips, and you are done.

RM75, Hermo

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Fresh Calming Morning Mask

The Morning Mask is a relatively new product from Laneige’s Fresh Calming range, but don’t let it be an enigma to you. Essentially, the Fresh Calming Morning Mask is meant to be a mask to prep your skin before you apply your makeup for the day. After applying your toner and serum, pump out the foamy Morning Mask and apply onto the entire face. Leave it on for a bit, then pat the product into your skin. The product will help lock in moisture and also acts as a primer before foundation application.


Brand edit: 5 best Laneige products to try

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