In the eternal quest for the fountain of youth, it may be worthwhile to turn your attention instead to luxurious anti-aging skincare that actually works. Look no further than Swiss brand La Prairie.

The brand started out in 1982, but its history could be traced back all the way to 1931, when it was still a part of Clinique La Prairie. For over 50 years, Clinique has been a pioneer of anti-aging and cellular technology. It counts politicians, celebrities, and high-profile guests like Marlene Dietrich and Winston Churchill as its customers.

Fast forward to current times, La Prairie has developed a reputation for its extremely secret and exclusive Cellular Complex, which is based on the science of cellular therapy. Essentially, the Cellular Complex enhances the skin’s natural renewal process by giving life back to skin cells using its potent and luxurious ingredients such as caviar, platinum, and gold. The formula is top secret, so much so that three separate labs are needed to contain the process: one for the yeast fermentation, another for the micro-organism fermentation, and the third lab for blending components together.

To date, La Prairie has six collections available: Platinum Rare, Skin Caviar, White Caviar, Swiss Ice Crystal, Radiance, and Anti-Aging. It can be overwhelming to pick which products from this luxe skincare brand to start with, but fear not as we’ve listed five best anti-aging products from La Prairie for you.