Skincare and makeup brands are categorised based on the brand’s story and image. There are brands that are dedicated to people who are always on the go, organic ones which use ingredients from a safe environment, and then there is History of Whoo — a skincare and makeup brand that place themselves as a brand fit for royalty.

The name ‘Whoo’ itself, means empress in Korean. Their brand mission is relatively simple: to resolve skin problems that happens during ageing, through secret beauty formulas that the royal court used in the past.

One of the brand’s formula includes the famous Gongjinbidan, which consists of deer antler, Angelicae gigantis Radix, Japanese Cornelian cherry, Acanthopanas, wild thyme and Asparagus lucidus Lindley. It’s a secret royal beauty formula presented exclusively to emperors and empresses. History of Whoo harnessed that formula to include in many of their products, to give you your best skin like the queen you deserve to be.

History of Whoo represents a tribute to the empress, which also symbolises modern women as well as the origin of life. Each product design, high quality ingredient and formula are a tribute to that belief — a luxurious beauty brand that holds history and dignity.