Nothing beats a light bag when you’re out and about. The thought of lounging around an overweight bag between meetings is tiring but that’s unavoidable for some when they feel the need to bring everything out for ’emergencies’.

For the makeup enthusiasts, there’s definitely a pouch filled with makeup products — one for touching up your base, one palette for the eyes, and perhaps a couple of lipsticks, mascaras and powder foundations. That’s a lot for just makeup touch-ups.

The solution? All-in-one face palettes. They are exactly what they are named: palettes that can be used on the entire face: eyes, cheeks, and lips. There are a quite number of variants out in the market catering to different types of makeup users.

By Terry‘s Sun Designer Palette has both matte and shimmery finishes that allow you to create the most effortless looks while you’re outside. While The Balm Balm Jovi Face Palette has a complete set of eye, cheeks and lipsticks.

With these all-in-one face palettes, travelling abroad will also be a breeze. No more picking between your favourite children or having that fear that your makeup items will self-destruct when you’re up in the air. Now there’s nothing to worry and your bag will surely feel much lighter.