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Lucia Pica takes inspiration from the Dubai desert with the Chanel Desert Dream collection

Taking cue from the rich colours of the desert, the Chanel Desert Dream collection has us all thirsting for it.

Trust Chanel Beauty to understand the beauty of muted, subtle colours and create an entire collection around it. Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, has created a one-of-a-kind collection that is not only extremely wearable but filled with familiar beauty from the cities, markets and cities we explore. Chanel’s new SS20 Collection Desert Dream is an amalgamation of luminous, intense colours that are muted yet rich and vibrant, perfect for that dreamy summer look. 

chanel desert dream

The collection draws inspiration from Pica’s trip through Asia, a dream as seen through her eyes of the vibrant and multifaceted cities, streets and markets. The beauty of the colours she plays with come from everyday details, the radiant greens, the placid blues, the shiny gold, the nurturing ivory and bold fuchsia shades. Not just that, the collection reverberates with hues that are usable and easy to wear on brown skin – misty mauves, beautiful browns and sunny peaches that come from the dunes of Dubai, the desert sand, the vibrancy of the sunsets. 

“I was looking for something poetic, like a memory – a natural filter that makes everything look dreamier,” explains Lucia Pica of her motivation to bring together a collection this visually compelling. Her trip to the sands of Dubai gave her exactly that – a pure photographic trip filled with a newer perspective on colour. This time, the beauty of the orange dunes, sacred cave paintings and lunar plains and the quieter hues of the quartzes, basalts and shales scattered across the desert floor gave Pica a palette that’s perfect for every skin tone, including brown. 

The peachy rose tones, cool browns and the romantic undercurrents of mauve, alongside metallic textures bring the beauty of the desert to your palette. “It was beautiful in the desert but quite unexpected,” Lucia Pica says. “In the desert, there is almost a universe of one single, dominant colour – mauve – which really came to life with the particular photographic process we used,” explains Pica. We tried out a few of the offerings, the eyeshadow palette in Warm Memories came with the signature Chanel look and four creamy, highly-pigmented brown to mauve shades – each of them came with a subtle hint of shimmer and the colour payoff was deep and here to stay. The Stylo Ombre Et Contour, the liner kohl and eyeshadow pencil in Contour Mauve is a creamy concoction that rests on the eye beautifully, without creasing, all day long. The highly pigmented formula is perfect for the day – for work, for an evening out and even an occasional party. 

The Eclat Du Desert is an interesting shimmery highlighter that comes with a pigment that’s weightless and shiny – it has an almost buttery formula that glides on the skin beautifully. The shimmers are as subtle as they come – but the dewy effect lasts for a long time. The beauty of Chanel powders is the way they hug your skin to seamlessly blend in without disrupting your natural colour and texture. As usual, the collection also came with stunning nail colours in offbeat shades like Mirage and Day Dream – in a lilac-mauve and neutral brown, the long wear nail colours are perfect for the daily grind, a work-wear add-on that you will love wearing every day. 

The lipsticks were a treat for the lips – the Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme comes as matte as the night, the weightless pigment lasts long and is not drying at all. The creamier version of the Rouge Allure was a beautiful hue called Rouge Brulant 191 and it’s a beautiful nude that would look great on olive skin tones. The Baume Essential Multi-use Glow Stick is a power-packed highlighter stick that can be used under the makeup and over and we loved using it on our eyelids too. The Longwear Liquid Eyeshadows on the other hand in Rising Sun is a soft-focus metallic shade that can make your day look pop in the most unexpected of ways. 

This is by far, Pica’s most interesting collections because there is a certain sensuality around them – they are feminine and earthy, subtle and mysterious – everything we love in a perfect palette.

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