As seen multiple times on TV, the scene backstage is a chaotic one. Models, designers and assistants will be dashing left, right and centre, prepping for the show. Makeup and hair have to be done fast with utmost precision. This has inspired Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup to create the Dior Backstage line as he finds beauty in the chaos of the backstage.

In this brand new line of makeup, there are 40 foundation shades (but limited to 21 in Asian countries), two eyeshadow palettes that come with an eye primer, two eyebrow palettes, one face palette, another one just for contouring, one lip palette, and new makeup brushes. These will be your makeup essentials, designed to give professional results with their adjustable formulas. Better yet, they are in neutral shades that work with every skin tone.

dior backstage
Peter Phillips and Bella Hadid.

Apart from its extensive range, you may realise that the packaging slightly differs from the usual. Dior Backstage products are housed in an acrylic packaging which millennials will definitely fall for (including us). “I wanted to make sure that you can see the colour and the shades, that’s why the packaging is transparent,” shares the makeup artist.

“With all these basics, you can do your makeup in a mere 5 minutes,” Phillips adds. We’ll take his word for it. Here are our favourite choices from the collection, something that you should start adding to yours for the perfect makeup results.

Dior Backstage collection is now available at Dior beauty boutiques and Sephora.