Face mists are made to give your skin a little pick-me-up. On the back of almost every face mist, it usually reads ‘spritz on as much as you want throughout the day’ or ‘use it anytime your skin needs a refresh’. The fine water settles on your skin as you spray; freshening your skin within seconds.

That’s basically the point of face mists and they are proven to be very useful when the day is hot and humid. But would you consider the benefits or advantages of a facial mist?

While face mists are meant to temporarily rehydrate the skin, some that are humectant will actually dry out the skin. As water comes into contact with the skin, it provides instant hydration but the natural drying process through evaporation causes your skin will lose moisture along with it.

It’s also best to avoid face mists that contain alcohol because of its dehydrating nature.

However, if you have dry skin problems, facial mists are not something you should rely upon. The additional veils of mist are meant to rehydrate your skin for a very short period of time — it is not to replace your moisturisers. Additionally, overusing them could potentially cause scaling and roughens the skin over time.

That doesn’t mean you should stay away completely from the instant benefits of a good face mist. It is still a great addition to your makeup regime and the best one-spray-away skin freshener, especially on an extremely sunny day. We’ve selected six trusted facial mists that are safe to use (of course) and infused with the most nourishing and hydrating ingredients. They are rich in minerals and antioxidants too and you don’t have to worry about them drying up the skin. So, spritz away.