We believe that Pat McGrath (aka Mother, but not to be confused with Mother Monster) needs no formal introduction. She is one of fashion and beauty world’s most sought-after artists, the brains behind many viral runway looks and of course, the mother behind her own self-named makeup label. There are no limits when it comes to her imagery and makeup skills. Just take a quick look at her Instagram inspirational-feed and you’ll be automatically drawn in.

Kelly also suggested any of the MTHRSHP as the second purchase.

Her products are often praised for its extremely-high pigment — search for its swatches on YouTube and you’ll see what we mean. So when Pat McGrath is finally made available in Sephora, many were ecstatic to try out the products themselves. But if you are still new to the brand, “I would 100% say pick up one of the MatteTrance Lipstick – get to know it. It’s creamy and it’s a modern matte – everything you would need in a bullet lipstick. Once you tried the lipstick, you get to understand the brand’s quality and you’ll feel to want to explore more into the other products,” shared Kelly, who’s part of the sales and education team at Pat McGrath.

That’s not all we asked — as Asian eyes are often described as a little more unique, some may still find it difficult to apply eyeshadow after countless YouTube tutorials. We got Kelly to gave us a couple of tips on how to achieve that Pat McGrath-standard, like the ones we often see on its Instagram feed.

TIP #1

Brushes are great but Kelly suggests using fingers instead. “It picks up more pigment than a fluffy brush. Just dab it on lightly and it’ll automatically create an intense look, rather than a sheer one. This will work well if you have oily eyelids. Using fingers (or if you still prefer brushes, opt for a flat brush) will help adhere the pigment to your eyelids,” she said.

TIP #2

We all know the wonders of highlighting and how it brings a certain definition to the face. Many would do it on their cheekbones but the eye area is one that tends to be neglected. Highlighting will also do the same to your eyes. Dabbing a little highlight on the inner corner and/or under the brow bone will just open up your eyes more and give you a bigger space to play with.

TIP #3

“Asian eyes are more unique — there are hooded, monolids, single, double or even triple eyelids. Eyeshadow application may still come as a challenge for these people. My suggestion is to look straight in the mirror while doing your makeup. That way you’ll get to see how your eye makeup would look as opposed to applying while looking down and you’ll get to elongate your eye so it’s more flattering.”

TIP #4


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Many would steer away from shimmery eyeshadow, with fear that it will smudge and leave a glitter-mess all over — but Kelly suggested the opposite. “Apply any metallic, glitter or shimmer eyeshadow with a dampened brush. Not only it will create a more impactful look but also help the pigment to stay on. There’s also no harm if you can apply an eyeshadow primer prior to the eyeshadow”.

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