It’s time to store away your sweaters. With the ‘cold season’ making its way out of the city, it’s now back to the usual hot and humid weather in Kuala Lumpur. Chinese New Year is just a few days away and you’ll be surely out and about visiting — but will your makeup be able to survive the heat?

It’s more than just using sweat-proof or water-proof makeup. The best methods to keep your makeup looking fresh also involve skincare. Exfoliating, for example, ensures that your skin is free from dryness and dirt so makeup goes on smoother and able to cling onto your skin. Here are more tips.

1. Always hydrate and moisturise your skin
Even if it’s hot and humid, never skip moisturiser. It hydrates the skin, preps the skin for foundation, and smoothens out the skin so application will be more flawless. If you find moisturisers too heavy, go for oil-free ones that are lightweight enough for layering.

2. Primer is your best friend
The purpose of a primer is to act as a base or ‘glue’ so that your makeup will ‘stick’ on until you remove it. Apply it all over the face, including your eyelids.

3. Less is more
This is not just applicable to weather conditions. Just by reducing a few layers of makeup, you can worry less about your eyeliner smudging or foundation sliding off your skin. Wearing heavy makeup on hot conditions also increases the chances of having clogged pores. Replace your makeup items with lighter ones: Foundations for tinted moisturisers, cream eyeshadows for powder ones, and drying matte lipsticks for gloss.

We’ve listed down 5 waterproof products you should own if you’re living in a hot and humid country. These will ensure that your makeup stays fresh all day and night.