Singer, songwriter, queen of red carpets and beauty muse. Rihanna is no stranger to the glitz of entertainment nor the glamour of beauty and fashion. While working on her multi-platinum album, she has her hands full with other aspects of her career — for instance, her recently launched Fenty x Puma and Fenty Beauty, which both just released in early September.

Fenty Beauty caught the world’s attention by launching 40 foundation shades last month, along with a smattering of sold-out offerings like the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters, Match Stix Matte Skinsticks, and Shimmer Skinsticks.

Now comes the holiday special. The Galaxy Collection is literally glitter, on glitter, on glitter — in a good way. Those who prefer a more natural and subtle look might have to look elsewhere as every product finishes with a shimmery or metallic sheen. The collection features Fenty Beauty’s first eyeshadow palette, lipsticks and eyeliners; a much bigger assortment of products compared to the first collection. Create out of this world looks with mega-reflective eyeshadow shades, metallic-to-glitter eyeliner, glitzed-out lipsticks and twinkling glosses. Heads will definitely turn when you step into the room.

The Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Galaxy Collection will be available for a limited time only. Starting 13th October 2017, at Sephora Malaysia stores nationwide, and

Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has 14 celestial-inspired colours with hyper-reflective finishes — all encased in a sleek, oversized jewel-inspired case. Use it on its own for a sheer-to-smoky look, layer as topcoats over any base or intensify your eyeshadow with a wet brush.


Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner

The Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner gives you a metallic finish, but there’s an additional effect: rub it when dry to reveal a glitter effect. These eyeliners have precision bristle tips and made with smooth-glide formula for effortless application. Available in three metallic-to-glitter shades,

Later, Crater, RM85

Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter

Give your regular-looking lipsticks that out-of-this-world shine. All lip glosses from this range are infused with pigment, glitter, and gloss for that ultimate glittery and mirror-like effect. Available in four shades: Gal on the Moon, Spacesuit, Plutonic Relationship and Astro-Naughty.

Astro-Naughty, RM80

Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick

Think of them as your favourite lip balms but dipped in liquefied jewels. Texture is creamy and finish is buildable, depending on your comfort level. The Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick comes in four limited edition shades: Gravity, Supermoon, Sci-Fly and Supernova

Gravity, RM80

Galaxy 2-Way Eyeshadow Brush

The Galaxy 2-Way Eyeshadow Brush is a dual-ended brush created to be the perfect companion for Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette. It comes with two essential brush shapes, the smudger and blender for precision application and layering glittery eyeshadow.


Jolin Lee
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