There are days where you spend hours and hours on your makeup, ensuring that every eyeshadow is blended seamlessly and every lash is coated with mascara. All that effort can sometimes go from glam to gore within minutes with the humidity and unpredictable weather in this country — and that’s not fun.

You also can be using the most expensive makeup that claims to be budge-proof until you cleanse, but if proper sweatproof steps are not used beforehand — everything you apply will be futile.

One of the most common mistakes is skipping primer. Including this single product in your makeup regimen changes the way your makeup will set on your skin. Primers smoothen out pores, act as a protective barrier between your skin and makeup, and even as a glue to hold your makeup in place.

Using a makeup setting spray will also help sweatproof your getup. Most of them contain ingredients that lower the temperature of what you apply so that it won’t slip and slide. Spritz on before and after makeup to really lock in your hard work.

There is also ‘baking’ where you literally bake your face with translucent powder. Applying a thick layer of powder on the oily areas of your face allows the heat from your face to set your foundation and concealer. And if you are using liquid foundation, use the criss-cross method with your brush so it will not look streaky if you sweat.

On top of these steps, just by switching a couple of products in your makeup routine can really ensure that your makeup stays put all day — like switching from lipsticks to tints, or powder blush to creams. Read on to find out more.