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Kittie Yiyi Beauty debuts with the ‘Cross The Line’ liquid eyeliner 

Kittie Yiyi expands her reach into the beauty business to empower others in the journey of self-love and self-liberation

Malaysian fashion designer and influencer, Kittie Yiyi makes her debut in the beauty industry with the launch of Kittie Yiyi Beauty. In the fashion world, she has been known for her whimsy and fun aesthetics but she’s now taking a giant leap in her career. Kittie aspires to infuse her love for beauty, creativity, and innovation to create products that help empower people in their personal journey of self-love and self-liberation.  

As an ardent lover of makeup, Kittie Yiyi proudly presents “Cross The Line” – a liquid eyeliner that encourages everyone to take risks and unleash their inner creativity. The structure of each pen takes inspiration from children’s stationery and is ergonomically designed for a steady controlled grip.  

The latest product is designed with an easy-glide formula that provides a non-cakey and non-flaky matte finish, promising a smooth application without any additional help. Makeup aficionados will also be happy to know that it is effectively waterproof and smudge-prooffast-drying within mere three to five seconds. With health and safety in mind, the liquid eyeliners are also made to be vegan, sans paraben and gluten, as well as being cruelty-free.  

If you’ve been following the fashion designer on her social media, you’d seen Kittie’s signature makeup look that comprises a sharp flared eyeliner, elaborated in different colours and styles. You can now achieve that and more with the liquid eyeliners that come in six shades — each named after Kittie’s signature codes.  

‘Dream Girl’ is the designer’s signature colour, a bold magenta pink that celebrates the love-yourself attitude. ‘Eyes On You’ is a punchy, confidence-boosting red tone, while ‘Big Sis Energy’ is a jolty yellow shade. If you need perk-me-up, go for ‘Happiest Day’, a swatch of blue that’s inspired by the white clouds and blue skies — inviting one to focus on the now and appreciate the little things in life.  

For something essentially basic, ‘What’s New?’ and ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ both hit the right spot with its respective black and white tones.   

“Beauty, fashion, and makeup are not just an aesthetic. It is an armour, a warpaint that expresses how we feel, and reminds us who we are; to get out to the world, own our space, motivate us to achieve our goals, never let dreams be dreams. It is a journey of self-discovery and learning from the support of one another,” the founder of Kittie Yiyi Beauty says.  

Hoping to use her platform for the better, Kittie adds: “I have grown so much as a person, as a brand, as a business, especially during the pandemic. Looking back and into the future, I want to learn more about the beauty industry, create safer and innovative products, share my knowledge from years of experience, all in hopes to empower others to never let go of their inner spark.” 

The “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliners drops today, 8 November 2021. Kittie will launch an exclusive bundle (RM488) on the official Kittie Yiyi Beauty Shopee page that includes a matching organiser (RM68), the star products — the liquid eyeliners in all six shades (RM68 each), a designer outfit that comes in Rainbow Blue or Checkmate Green (RM288), and a sticker pack. Customers can also purchase the items individually as separates. 

Check out the “Cross The Line” liquid eyeliners on the official Kittie Yiyi Beauty Shopee store and the website at www.kittieyiyi.com. 

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