Let’s do a bit of math. Time + humidity + heat + sweat = a makeup disaster. Any makeup wearer that lives in hot climates can testify to the gradual collapse of their face paint from the moment they step out the door. It’s a real struggle, but there are ways to get around it. A practically instant fix would be investing in a good setting spray.

Spritzed on post-makeup application, setting sprays were originally intended for stage professionals, but have since become a consumer staple. It seems like magic, since all you’re really doing is spritzing some liquid on your face, but there are some ingredients in setting sprays that help regulate oil production on your skin to prevent total meltdowns. Some hydrate, some give you a dewy glow, while others keep your skin matte. It all depends on your needs and skin type.

As an added bonus, setting sprays prevent your makeup from caking, or looking too powdery. If you went a bit too hard on the baking, give yourself a mist to help the excess makeup dissolve.

Here are some of the best setting sprays to choose from.