What happens when two great Japanese brands come together? Magic – just like this upcoming Shu Uemura and Onitsuka Tiger collection.

While the connections between a sports brand and Shu Uemura may not be instantly drawn, probing into their collective histories showcase some parallels. Both are pioneers in their respective fields, alongside their status as heritage Japanese brands. This union is designed to inject a burst of dynamism into both labels through mutual collaboration. That’s right, Shu Uemura x Onitsuka Tiger isn’t only just about beauty products. A pair of limited-edition sneakers will also come forth from the venture.

Before we get to the kicks, let’s canvass the beauty exclusives. Eight items will be in the Shu Uemura x Onitsuka Tiger collection, spanning two eyeshadow palettes, two lip products, a limited-edition version of its cleansing oil, one eyebrow pencil and two beauty tools.

All the products will feature Onitsuka Tiger’s signature hues and the distinctive three-stripes found on its shoes. There are instant nods to the colourways found on its Mexico 66 shoes, with the stripes rendered in paintbrush strokes to hint to makeup as a form of art. Some products are also accompanied by a little key tag decorated with the special Shu Uemura x Onitsuka Tiger sneakers.

Shu Uemura onitsuka tiger
A look at the packaging. (Photo credit: Shu Uemura)

On the topic of kicks, Onitsuka Tiger and Shu Uemura have created a special edition version of the shoe brand’s new model, the DELEGATION EX. Decorated in a bright, glossy scarlet, the colour recalls the lustre of red lipstick. Naturally, the shoe is outfitted by Onitsuka Tiger’s groundbreaking footwear technology, so expect a shoe crafted with a memory sponge that keeps the fit comfortable.

Onitsuka Tiger
The DELEGATION EX shoes. (Photo credit: Onitsuka Tiger)

The Onitsuka Tiger x Shu Uemura sneakers will launch online on May 1, 2020.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

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