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Lunchtime facials to pamper your skin in under an hour

A rejuvenating spa or a facial treatment session is an indulgence. You literally lay back and relax, and allow the therapist to do their magic. Next thing you know, you will be up on your feet feeling completely refreshed, energised and ready to conquer the rest of the day. But for some, putting aside an hour or two just for that short pampering is not the easiest task, especially when time is not on their side. And most of the facial treatments available are always stretched to a minimum of 60 minutes while the more extensive and innovative facial treatments are at least 90 minutes long.

This is also the perfect midday maintenance that you can do during your lunch break or after work. Don’t underestimate these treatments though, as shorter duration doesn’t mean it’s less effective compared to the norm. Each of the treatments listed here uses highly effective products along with researched techniques, so you not only walk out refreshed but also experience immediate results.

Not all hope is lost for those who are busy 24/7, as these facial treatments only take less than an hour while some only take a mere 30 minutes of your time. Book an appointment and experience it yourself. You’ll be strutting back to the office with fresh, glowy skin.


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Dermalogica’s ProSkin 30 Treatment (30 mins)

Believing that facial treatments should be as unique as your skin, Dermalogica‘s ProSkin Treatments are customised according to your skin type. Cutting-edge technology is used, along with the brand’s powerful IonActive formulas and innovative products; ensuring maximum results within a short duration. Choose to repair signs of ageing, clear breakouts, or just resurface the skin for a much healthier glow.

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Caudalie’s Express D-Vine Facial (30 mins)

Revive dull skin in just 30 minutes with Caudalie‘s Express D-Vine facial. Treatment includes deep cleansing to exfoliate the skin, relaxing face massage, a customised mask that is suited according to your skin type, followed by a relaxing hand massage. You’ll be walking out refreshed with your skin rejuvenated and brighter than ever.

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AsterSpring's Aroma Soothing Treatment (50 mins)

People with delicate skin are always cautious when it comes to products and treatments, but you don’t have to worry about this particular AsterSpring treatment. Specifically catered for those with sensitive skin, this treatment combats any signs of a sensitised skin, such as redness and stabilises the skin by building its natural defence. This treatment helps to treat the skin, inside out.

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Clarins' Say no! To Tension (30 mins)

Clarins‘ Open Spa Treatments are all under the 30-minute duration — great for those who don’t have time to spare but want immediate results. These treatments are concentrated with Clarins’ expertise and plant-based knowledge to provide your skin with what it needs within a short time frame. There is a treatment for any skin type, including one for the gents, but this tension-relieving treatment is what many tend to look for during work hours. Ease tight muscles on your shoulders and neck, and go back to work feeling completely refreshed.

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Sothys' Perfect Shape V-line Treatment (45 mins)

Get that V-shaped face without going under the knife with this treatment from Sothys. Perfect Shape V-line treatment reshapes the face, firms neck and tones up the décolleté area with their unique combination of dermo-refining and dermo-lifting active ingredients that are known for their anti-ageing effect — with the addition of other ingredients such as oat and shitake extract to further enhance your features for more noticeable results. This treatment uses dermo-aesthetic techniques of ultrasound and lifting threads as inspiration but no surgery is involved. Plus, all of this can be done under 45 minutes.

Lunchtime facials to pamper your skin in under an hour

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