The humble cactus has always been admired for its ability to withstand harsh conditions of the desert and thriving even with the lack of water. It would make perfect sense to tap into this prickly plant for its hydrating powers for skincare. Huxley, a fairly new Korean skincare brand has done just that and incorporated prickly pear seed oil as the main ingredient in its products.

With so many hydrating oils in the market like argan, rosehip, jojoba and coconut oil, why turn to prickly pear seed oil? For one, it has greater moisturising properties than argan oil. Also, thanks to the high linoleic acid content found in the oil, it is lighter in texture and has better absorbency.

Hydrating properties aside, we’ve truthfully gravitated towards Huxley’s products thanks to its gorgeous aesthetics. The design is kept minimal: a clear bottle to see the product inside, and a simple label. The products’ fragrances are also fresh and not overpowering, perfect for those who dislike scents in their skincare products.

While Huxley does not have an overly extensive range of products, we thought it would help if we narrowed it down to five products for you to try out, all of which will be excellent in hydration.