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Pack these makeup essentials for your next sun, sea, and sandy trip

Now that we can travel inter-state again, you might want to pack these for your next beach trip.

Getting dressed for the festive season in the city is one thing, but doing your makeup for the beach is a whole other affair. After all, as we surround ourselves with nature, we want to boast the most natural look while we’re there. But we also kind of want to look like a Bond Girl emerging from the sea.

Warm hues to match warm temperatures, and an eyeshadow palette that matches your countless bikinis, here, we’ve put together a bit of a 101 for packing the perfect makeup kit for your next beach escape.

Four things to sum it up: protection is vital, creamy products are your friend, a glow is a godsend, and confidence is key. Read on for more.

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First things first: no fellow beach babe of ours will head to the islands without sunscreen. Sun protection is as vital as a basket bag and a towel turban. 100% mineral, the complete care cream is designed for all skin types, with SPF 50 UV protection, and 8 self-adjusting (yup) shades to suit a variety of skin tones. It’s both a creamy and hydrating formula that leaves a natural finish on the skin, perfect for that “oh, me? I just emerged from the sea and always look this good” kind of feel. Natural, beautiful, and very easy to pack in your island getaway makeup kit, too.

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Inspired by the shades of the beach (from sea foam to algae, no less), Nudestix packs your golden goddess makeup needs all into one bag with this exclusive set. The brand claims to have tested this set to be “beach-proof, heat-proof, sweat-proof and kiss-proof” making it an ideal seaside companion. We love that you can craft so many different looks from this set, and it’s perfect for those of us who are lazy and like an all-in-one bag for all our base foundation (and contour) needs. More multitasking, less stressing.

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Want to know a secret? Autumnal hues are actually great for the beach. Too Faced may have launched this palette with a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in mind, but we love it all the same for a cocktail. The limited-edition eyeshadows offer the perfect warmth for our alluring beachside looks, boasting something both very natural and very sensual about them. The rich, creamy colours are perfect to go from day to night, too, for all those days you don’t have time to hop back to the villa to change.

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When talking about beach beauty, one of the biggest buzzwords is this one: glow. And it’s no secret both Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty brand love a good glow. We love the new Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil for its diamond-dusted effect, especially in the rosy tint (sorry, rosé tint) for the beach. Boasting a pink and golden sparkle to warm up the face, the jelly-powder formula is great for the beach because it doesn’t wash away even if the breeze is a little stronger, and it melts into the skin for a very natural look. You can also use it for your body, and be the most glamorous goddess in the sun.

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For those who prefer to go down the shimmery route for their eyeshadow at the beach (there’s hardly a better time), the Tarte Rainforest collection has plenty to offer. We love the Seagrass Eyeshadows for their ease of use (and ease to pack), which glide on and dry very quickly. Opt for the blue hues for a bold eye, or the holographic hues for a more futuristic look. The products are water infused with marine plant extracts and offer antioxidant protection too, so if mermaids exist, we have a feeling they’d approve.

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Look, you can’t fault the classics. We’ve long loved Lancome’s mascaras, and when it comes to a trustworthy and timeless option for the beach, we know we’re never in the wrong with the Hypnose Star Mascara. It’s waterproof so it shouldn’t budge even if you get thrown in the pool, but we love it even more for the intense volume and curl it gives our lashes. Highly pigmented, it’s better suited for your evening beach looks, but a great option for those who have finer eyelashes nonetheless.

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If you’re out in the sun all day, your skin will get thirsty. Thereby a refreshing mist is as much a must-have as sunscreen. We love the Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen mist which is antioxidant-rich to work as both a hydrator and to set makeup. It is designed to provide a pollution shield to protect against environmental aggressors, too, so it’s a spritz of plenty of good stuff, really. It’s always good to put a little protection on your face to get any of those troubles out of the way. Your only worry by the beach should be: pina colada or martini?

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