The Clé de Peau Radiant Multi Repair Oil is preciously carried in an exquisite rose-coloured bottle, specially designed to symbolise the vibrancy of radiant skin. The oil is luxurious to the touch and smells amazing, making it a pleasurable addition to any beauty routine.

The first thing that caught our attention besides the pretty bottle, is the beautiful fragrance emanating from within. The scent is made from an exotic mixture of peony and rare orchid that’s absolutely delicious. Our caution towards oil products in general is put aside when it comes to the Radiant Multi Repair Oil, as it is truly as weightless as fine silk.

The oil is luxurious and leaves skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.
The oil is luxurious and leaves skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.

The oil can be used for your face, body and hair on a daily basis or when you particularly need a little more moisture. To use on the face, drip a few drops onto your palm and rub together to warm up the oil. Then, massage your face starting at the cheeks with a circular motion, moving on to the chin and T-zone areas and finally the forehead.

For use on the body, simply warm up the oil between your palms and massage in circular motions where desired while for moisturising the hair, run your oiled fingers through slightly damp hair only at the ends of the strands. This multi repair oil targets roughness and helps combat dryness whether on your face, body or hair, imparting a dewy radiance all over your beautiful self.

The oil is available for sale now, and can be found at Clé de Peau counters in Isetan KLCC, Parkson Pavilion and Parkson Gurney Plaza in Penang.