The browns and neutrals may be everyone’s top favourite, but this season we’re noticing a huge colour change in the beauty industry and in fact it’s everything else but neutrals. It’s all about colours — and by colours, we mean almost every single shade in the rainbow.

It’s not often you see multiple colours on an eyelid. Many tend to steer away from these colourful eyeshadow palettes because they have fear of looking too over-the-top. But now the impression on them is changing and people are starting to get out of the box by including bold, bright colours in their makeup regimen.

If you’re new to the game, these colourful eyeshadow palettes could be your starting point. These have a good mix of both bright and neutral shades, so you don’t have to go all out like the ones you see on social media. Plus, they also make good travel palettes because of its huge variety of colours.

Image credit: M.A.C Cosmetics