The weather in Malaysia is unpredictable — it can be hot and humid one day but then rain frogs on us all the next. These weather and temperature changes affect your skin more than you think.

When it’s humid, moisture in the air will cling onto your skin — thus making your complexion a lot greasier. But skipping moisturiser is never the solution. You need them to protect your skin from the harmful pollutants  in the air from getting into your pores.  That’s why these new gel moisturisers are the best when it comes to humid environments like ours.

Its gel texture is ultra-lightweight when applied to the skin. It doesn’t weigh down the skin and the texture allows it to be absorbed quickly into the layers without leaving any stickiness or greasy feeling that many don’t fancy.

Still, that doesn’t mean they neglect on hydration and moisturising properties. These new gel moisturisers are as hydrating as heavy duty creams — so your skin is not only well protected by also hydrated.

Don’t take our word for it, try them out yourself.