It’s 2018. New year, new resolutions, new you — unless you’re not exactly feeling it. December was and is the month of celebration, so social gatherings and late night outings were definitely part of the deal. If you’ve been attending every single one of them, there’s a high possibility that your skin is need of a reboot.

Dull complexions are usually a sign of dehydrated skin. Lack of sleep and being in a smoky environment affects your skin’s condition too. Start with getting enough rest and water, then followed by an intensive skincare routine. Between all the cleansing and scrubbing, gentle chemical peels work wonders on the skin in terms of brightening while also helping to address acne and wrinkles.

Even if the word ‘peel’ sounds terrifying to be used on the skin — don’t be afraid of it. Its concept is relatively simple: to slough off dead skin cells. Like how a physical exfoliator works, these peels exfoliate chemically so you won’t be able to see the process.

Ingredients such as alpha hydroxy (AHA), glycolic, lactic, and fruit enzymes like pumpkin and papaya are suitable for all skin types. Here, we’ve picked 5 of these gentle chemical peels that is suitable for all skin types. Time to start peeling for 2018.