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Review: AsterSpring’s Intense Hydra-Light Therapy uses light to restore your skin’s glow

As we age; whether we like it or not, our skin gets weaker and weaker as the days, weeks, months and years go by. Our skin starts to lose elasticity (thanks to gravity) and naturally becomes more sensitive to our surroundings. That’s where we start appreciating facial treatments though it shouldn’t be the only thing we rely on to achieve glowing skin.

The usual treatment begins with a thorough cleanse followed by a purifying facial scrub to get rid of residue left on the skin, followed by a relaxing massage. The treatment is finish off with a mask or two to allow the rejuvenating ingredients to penetrate into the skin. Just these well-thought out steps and 90 minutes of your day can leave your skin and mind rejuvenated. But what if incorporating light into your treatment can give you better results?


AsterSpring‘s latest treatment, the Intense Hydra-Light Therapy uses bt-accent LED Light to deeply rehydrate your skin and restore your skin back to its natural glow. The best part of it: it’s customisable according to your skin type.

Inspired by the LED Light Therapy used by NASA to speed up healing of wounds in zero-gravity, AsterSpring uses this bt-accent LED Light technology that has different colour light wavelengths that penetrate into the layers of the skin at varying depths, depending on your skin. It accelerates skin renewal and results in a much smoother, firmer and radiant complexion.

Along with that high technology, this hi-performance synergy facial also combines the latest technology and products from Dermalogica. It contains highly potent IonActiveTM Hyaluronic Acid and Gelloids concentrates and with the LED light, it delivers maximum impact to the skin for instant results.


There are three LED lights that focus on three different skin types: blue, violet and red light. The blue light has anti-bacterial properties and also reduces inflammation from acne and breakouts. It is hence suitable for people with oily or acne-prone skin. The violet is catered for people with sensitive skin as the light calms and relaxes sensitive skin. As for the red light, it accelerates skin renewal and collagen production, plus improves blood and oxygen circulation on ageing or dry skin.

AsterSpring Intense Hydra-Light Therapy is available at AsterSpring Centres and Signature Centres.

Review: AsterSpring’s Intense Hydra-Light Therapy uses light to restore your skin’s glow

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