The Jimmy Choo man is someone who is overtly masculine and fearless yet refined. This thrill-seeker lives for moments that embrace the zest and spirit of life. To complement his image, Jimmy Choo introduces Jimmy Choo Man Intense, a richer, more sensual update of Jimmy Choo Man released in 2014. This new fragrance is masculine, sophisticated and irresistible all at one – truly embodying the confidence and daring of the Jimmy Choo man.

Jimmy Choo Man Intense starts out with notes of lavender and patchouli. Black pepper accents are throw into the mix to further add to the scent’s sensuality. The fragrance’s base of amber is made even more robust with the introduction of three new notes – Honeydew melon for a watery freshness at the top, davana oil for a fruit, herbal and slightly floral hint in the heart, and finally tonka bean for a nutty, tobacco-like warmth to round off the scent. Together, they create a fragrance that is intensely masculine, sexy and spirited.

A stylish flacon with an equally stylish embossed crocodile leather box.
A stylish flacon with an equally stylish crocodile leather print to match its embossed crocodile leather bottle cap.

Inspired by the look and functionality of an antique hip flask, the Jimmy Choo Man Intense fragrance comes bottled in a dark, sleek flacon that combines black translucent lacquer with gunmetal. Using Jimmy Choo’s distinctive detailing, the flacon is topped by a cap with embossed crocodile leather to give it simultaneous touches of luxury and rock-chic rebellion.

This new uber-sensual fragrance from Jimmy Choo is brought to life via a campaign that stars hunky Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira. In smouldering visuals, dark and broody Teixeira is captured in a heated, passionate moment with his female counterpart. The Jimmy Choo Man Intense 50ml EDT retails at RM319, while the 100ml EDT retails at RM439. The fragrance will be available at fragrance counters from September 2016 onwards.

Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira is the Jimmy Choo man personified.
Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira is the Jimmy Choo man personified.

In conjunction with the launch of the new fragrance, Jimmy Choo is putting on two roadshows. The first will take place 4–10 October at SOGO KL; the second will take place 17–23 October at Parkson Pavilion, in the promotion area in front of the Marc Jacobs boutique.