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Sulwhasoo releases two limited edition beauty sets as efforts to preserve Penang’s heritage 

Making women across the world look and feel beautiful may be their main objective, but luxury Korean skincare brand, Sulwhasoo has always been a brand that advocates rich heritage and culture.  Sulwhasoo’s products have already, all these years, been enveloped in elements of culture. The Sulwa Cultural Exhibition aims to do the same by imparting similar cultural values through this yearly event.

This annual exhibition, which is held in Seoul aims to revive the aesthetics and value of traditional craft arts with hopes that traditional culture and craftsmanship will be valued and appreciated positively. Since 2006, each year focuses on different concepts — and this time, golf leaf imprint by traditional craftsmen and contemporary artists from diverse genres will be featured.

Sulwhasoo has also launched their global CSR initiative ‘Beauty from Your Culture’ which aims to promote the brand’s vision of preserving traditional heritage not only in Korea but around the world — and this is how you can also contribute.

Two “Beauty From Your Culture” Limited Edition sets are available for purchase, each featuring their signature products: First Care Activating Serum EX and Perfecting Cushion EX. With every purchase made, you’ll not only get your favourite Sulwhasoo products but 10 percent of the proceeds made will be channelled to the Malaysian National Commission for Unesco to preserve the multicultural heritage and tradition of Georgetown, Penang.

The “Phoenix” artwork on both of these limited edition sets represents the noble beauty of royal women that Sulwhasoo uses as its identity and brand mission. Male phoenix, Bong and female phoenix, Hwang are drawn in geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and hexagons. The design also features the chrysanthemum flower, which represents fidelity and the philosophy of everlasting beauty, and the character Su (壽) reflects their strong commitment to using precious herbal ingredients based on traditional Korean medicine.

Beauty brands that give back to the community, on both environmental or cultural context, may not be something new to the society. Sulwhasoo’s efforts in helping preserve cultural heritage and cultivate a deeper understanding of its importance go a long way — and we need more of these initiatives to create a larger ripple effect. The ‘Beauty From Your Culture’ campaign will run across Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, China and Malaysia. Proceeds from the sale will go to selected local beneficiaries to help in preserving cultural heritage in these respective countries.

Sulwhasoo Beauty From Your Culture Limited Edition sets are available for purchase from 27th of September until 31 of October 2018 across all Sulwhasoo outlets nationwide.

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