It’s an everyday scenario: six hours into the day and you’ll start seeing spots of shine on certain areas of your face. Unfortunately, it’s not any sort of natural glow that your skin is emitting. It is the sebum produced by your skin after a long day out. How does one keep the shine away?

Fortunately, it’s an easy task at hand. By simply adding setting powder into your makeup regimen, you are set for the day. Add on a mattifying primer as your first step for an extra boost if possible.

The only challenging part is picking a setting powder that’s suitable for your skin and skin tone. There is a huge variety of setting powders in the market now, and we can indeed say that we are spoilt for choices. There’s one that suits all skin tones, one that ensures skin is matte all day long, or another that guarantees that there will be no dreaded patches of shine in photos. Don’t settle for setting powders that only have one benefit, when you can have at several in one product.

These powders promise a matte-finish and are lightweight without suffocating the skin. For example, Fenty Beauty‘s new Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder not only mattifies the skin but also covers enlarged pores and brightens up the skin. Those that have both dry and oily skin can fully reap the benefits of Innisfree’s No-Sebum Moisture Powder, which absorbs excess sebum while still leaving a dewy finish.

But wait — that’s not all. Here are some of the best and newest setting powders in the market right now.

Jolin Lee
Unlike most modern-day millennials, Jolin does not need caffeine or alcohol to power through the day (and night). Her eye for beauty is as sharp as her eyeliner flick, and she can spot your unblended eye makeup from a mile away.