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This eyeliner turns into wildflowers after use — how’s that for zero-waste?

After you’re done with your eyeliner, where does it go? Into the bin? Into a recycling bin, we hope?

What if we told you it could go in the garden, and grow into wildflowers?

Hot on the heels of reusable cotton pads, recyclable packaging, and solid cosmetics, make way for a plantable eyeliner that grows into wildflowers. Joining in the general drive to make beauty more environmentally friendly, a Danish company has come up with this surprising idea for packaging that will never be binned. We can only salute this fresh step towards carbon neutrality and circular industry that has taken the planet’s interests to heart.

Image Credit: Sprout World

Products that are kind to skin and environment

The cosmetics industry is exploring new ways to limit its impact on the planet and launching products that are not only kind to the skin but also to the environment. The phenomenon is such that the world of makeup is progressively being transformed by clean and solid cosmetics, and increasingly environmentally friendly packaging.

Sprout World, a specialist in sustainable writing instruments, has branched out into the world of beauty to join in this effort. The Danish company has presented a sustainable alternative to a traditional cosmetics product with the first-ever plantable eyeliner. Who would have thought that we would be one day planting our eyeliners?

Image Credit: Sprout World

Where makeup meets gardening

Sprout World, the owner of a global patent on plantable pencils, took several years to develop its eyeliner, which has a formula composed of natural oils, is made from certified wood, and has a biodegradable cellulose cap. Taken on their own, these details in themselves would be enough to make it an attractive proposition, but the real innovation resides in a capsule of seeds attached to the end of the pencil. When the eyeliner has been used to the point it is no more than a stub, it can be planted to create a pot of bee-friendly wildflowers.

Available online from Shop.sproutworld.com, the new-generation black eyeliner retails for 12.95 euros (approx. RM64).

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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