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How to pick a face mask for your skin type

Face masks are almost a life hack today. Skin’s feeling too sticky? Need an instant glow for your best friend’s wedding? Had a very heavy weekend and your face is lacking hydration? Put your favourite face mask on and you’re almost assured better skin—at least when you’re using the right ones. It’s very easy to spot your favourite influencer or celebrity using a face mask that comes in adorable packaging or has glitter and want to use it—we’d want to add them to cart as well. But not every mask will give you an other-worldly glow and you could very well end up with a bump or two with the wrong formula.

We simplified the selection process, so you know you’re using the best ones for your skin type and concerns. P.S. If you have normal skin with no primary skin worries, you pretty much have free rein to try any face mask, apart from those made for excessively dry or oily skin types. Read on for your cheat sheet to shopping for the best face masks for your skin type.

If you have dry skin

 L'Occitane Aqua Masque Hydration Mask

Hydration is the absolute need of the hour and we can’t stress enough on it even if we tried. Your skin is in constant need of a tall drink of water and a face mask that promises potent hydration is the one you should pick. Don’t go on and pick a basic mask that promises hydration and then goes on the deliver temporary moisture that vanishes after an hour. Instead, make sure you use a hard-working daily moisturiser and go on to use an intensive hydrating face mask 1-2 times a week.

We love: L’Occitane Aqua Masque Hydration Mask, RM180

If you have combination skin

Purearth Mitti Clay Face Masque

Your skin falls into that middle zone where it requires the right mix of oil control and light hydration. We’d suggest using a mildly exfoliating face mask—one with glycolic or lactic acid is perfect—to get rid of excess sebum. Gel-based masks also make for a good addition to your routine to offer just enough moisture to your skin type. Try a clay mask that comes with hydrating properties as well for the perfect mix.

We love: Purearth Mitti Clay Face Masque, RM369

If you have acne-prone or oily skin

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask

‘Detox’ is the term to look out for on a jar when you’re scouring beauty aisles for a face mask. Your skin needs a bi-weekly deep cleanse and that’s what your mask of choice should ideally do. Skin balancing and purifying ingredients like green tea and charcoal are your best bet.

We love: Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask, from RM105

If you have sensitive skin

Pixi Glow -O2 Oxygen Mask

Keep calm and invest in a face mask that will soothe your skin too. Sensitivity and redness go hand in hand which means you need to be even more careful than usual when choosing an intensive treatment. Ingredients like aloe vera, calendula and thermal water are perfect to calm your skin and keep it from reacting to external aggressors like pollution.

We love: Pixi Glow -O2 Oxygen Mask

If you have dull skin

Starskin 7-second mask

Dullness is something that can easily affect any skin type when it’s not been looked after well. This is the time to bring your Vitamin C-based face masks out and give your skin a glow boost. Make sure you either speak to a skin advisor or read up reviews to make sure your skin type is suited for the brightening mask you choose.

We love: Starskin 7-second mask, RM136

How to pick a face mask for your skin type

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