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Here’s why you should be using anti-ageing pillowcases to sleep

Are premature wrinkles getting you down? There could be a possible culprit and it’s lying on your bed: your cotton pillowcase. So while you may be getting enough beauty sleep, your rough pillowcase could be wrinkling your skin, etching more than just pillow creases on your face when you wake up. So how does one remedy that? — anti-ageing pillowcases.

While you might think that anti-ageing pillowcases are just a fancy way to sell silk pillowcases, you’re both wrong and right. Silk pillowcases have been used for decades to lessen static, particularly on hair, allowing for smoother hair minus the frizz when you wake up. But for skin anti-ageing properties? That’s a whole new discovery. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t crease and rub against skin the wrong way when you sleep. The smoothness of silk is more than just a luxurious feeling — it doesn’t create any unwanted lines upon waking up.

But you’re not just limited to silk pillowcases. Thanks to technology, there’s also a whole other host of pillowcase fabrics that have been engineered to treat your skin well. That includes ionised technologies (usually copper or silver-ions) for anti-ageing solutions and anti-microbial effect to reduce harmful bacteria — which means the old housewives’ tales of getting acne from sleeping face-down is no longer in effect.

Now that’s what we call beauty sleep.

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Pillowcase

If you have reservations about the origins of silk pillowcases, there’s a more sustainable option too: bamboo. This lyocell pillowcase from Ettitude is hypoallergenic, which means you won’t be at risk of any nasty rash on your face on top of reducing wrinkles caused by pillowcases.

RM147, Ettitude

EnVy Copper Wellness Pillow

When even pillowcases come engineered with high-tech fabric, you know that technology has well and truly taken over the world. Made with a copper-ion technology that ticks off all the good points you need — wrinkle-prevention, less hair damage, and hypoallergenic. Best part? It’s not made of actual silk, yet gives you the same benefits.

RM775, EnVy 

HyGenie The Original Pillowcase

As its name suggests, this pillowcase is a hygienic one that’s extremely beneficial for those who are also suffering from acne problems. Engineered with silver-ion technology, it helps prevent acne and odour-causing bacteria. Other added benefits include, of course, the prevention of skin damage which causes wrinkles.

RM250, HyGenie

LilySilk Terse Luxury Pillowcase

You know there’s the Egyptian thread count for cotton — the higher the number, the more luxurious it is. For silk, there are mommes (mm) used to measure the quality of silk as a fabric. For the LilySilk pillowcase, it’s a whopping 25-momme count. That’s an extremely luxurious pillowcase to have your beauty sleep with.

RM280, LilySilk

Night Spa Revitalising Pillowcase

Night Spa is another brand that’s championing the use of copper-ion technology by infusing it into the fibres of their pillowcases. According to Night Spa, this wonderful technology also allegedly reverses signs of ageing. If you’re keen to be a Benjamin Button yourself, try out the whole set which includes an eye mask and gloves.

RM250, Night Spa 

Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcase

This is yet another option for those who are not keen with silk — a vegan-friendly option of satin. The silky smooth fabric prevents creases on your skin and frizz in your hair. Now, what’s not to like about it?

RM160, Savvy Sleepers

Sleep n' Beauty Silk Pillowcase

Do you have extremely sensitive skin, that even fabric dye would send it into a spiral of hives? Well, then Sleep n’ Beauty is your choice of silk pillowcase. It’s made of reduced fabric dye that is perfect for sensitive skin while having all its silky goodness.

RM300, Sleep n’ Beauty

Skin Laundry SleepCycle Pillowcase

Like HyGenie, the Skin Laundry SleepCycle Pillowcase is formulated with a silver ion technology for a natural anti-microbial effect. That means acne prevention while helping your skin to heal and look younger.

RM120, Skin Laundry

The Ethical Silk Company pillowcase

With animal cruelty awareness being at an all-time high, sustainable and vegan brands are enjoying their time in the spotlight. The Ethical Silk Company, in particular, brings you real silk without the cruelty. The brand uses a mulberry silk production that extracts the silk from the deposited silkworm cocoon after the moth has left, which means that no silkworms were farmed in the making of this.

RM240, The Ethical Silk Company

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