Are premature wrinkles getting you down? There could be a possible culprit and it’s lying on your bed: your cotton pillowcase. So while you may be getting enough beauty sleep, your rough pillowcase could be wrinkling your skin, etching more than just pillow creases on your face when you wake up. So how does one remedy that? — anti-ageing pillowcases.

While you might think that anti-ageing pillowcases are just a fancy way to sell silk pillowcases, you’re both wrong and right. Silk pillowcases have been used for decades to lessen static, particularly on hair, allowing for smoother hair minus the frizz when you wake up. But for skin anti-ageing properties? That’s a whole new discovery. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t crease and rub against skin the wrong way when you sleep. The smoothness of silk is more than just a luxurious feeling — it doesn’t create any unwanted lines upon waking up.

But you’re not just limited to silk pillowcases. Thanks to technology, there’s also a whole other host of pillowcase fabrics that have been engineered to treat your skin well. That includes ionised technologies (usually copper or silver-ions) for anti-ageing solutions and anti-microbial effect to reduce harmful bacteria — which means the old housewives’ tales of getting acne from sleeping face-down is no longer in effect.

Now that’s what we call beauty sleep.