When it comes to acne, you or most people would think it’s only on the face. There’s no denying that dealing with acne is an inevitable struggle that just continues on for the rest your life like there’s no end to it. It’s stressful enough that we have to deal with the ones on the face, but acne technically can appear anywhere on the skin and you kind of have to worry about that too.

In the shower, it tends to be a wash-and-go situation for most of us. But whenever you missed a spot, use the wrong type of soap or the frequent weather change is making your skin react differently, that’s when body acne will appear.

What your skin then need is a body wash that contains salicylic acid, charcoal or tea tree oil to purify and cleanse the skin thoroughly. These are common anti-acne ingredients that are also found in skincare, so it makes sense to find these in body washes too. Be sure to shower with them immediately after sweating (or any outdoor activity) so that the bacteria doesn’t linger on your skin for too long.

Here are the best body washes for acne-prone skin.