When it comes to men’s haircuts, it used to only be limited to your girlfriend’s hair salon — or that of any other important women in your life — and the local RM10 barbershop around the corner of the street. It’s a good thing men in KL are now presented with a third option: Gentleman’s style barbershops with more finesse and skill, so you can not only get yourself a splendid haircut, but also enjoy the process while relaxing in a stylish setting.

Of late, we’re seeing more alternative barbershops opening for business, targeting street style-conscious men who want to get the perfect fade coupled with the modern version of a pompadour. There, you will find old school traditions melded with current trends. Think hot towel face massages and getting your beard professionally shaved with a classic straight razor and shaving brush, but with Arctic Monkeys blasting in the background.

But before you head to one of these 5 best barbershops in KL as we’ve suggested, do a little research on the trendiest men’s hairstyles: Fades are still very much on point, but it’s what you couple the top parts of your hair with that makes the cut. Personally, we’re digging the combination of medium length curls and a high fade, and also the Mohawk fade.

(Main image: The Oven Cuttery)