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Bro Code: These aluminium-free deodorants will keep your clothes unstained

When it comes to men’s grooming, there are certain things that can be skipped. Deodorant, however, is not one of them. You can spritz on your perfumes as much as you like but know that they will never truly mask the scent of body odour.

The setback? Have a quick peek into your wardrobe and focus particularly on your shirts. Do your lighter coloured clothes have an unsightly yellow stain on the armpit sections?

Those yellow stains are not just an indication that you’re extremely bad at doing your own laundry, but also a byproduct of aluminium as an ingredient in your deodorant. The aluminium compound reacts with the urea in your sweat, which exacerbates the yellowing in your shirts’ pit areas.

Switching to aluminium-free deodorants might be for the better, but here’s a fair warning: if you’re one to produce more sweat than the average person, then natural deodorants may not be the solution. But if you’re willing to venture a try, here are several aluminium-free deodorants that are worth a place in your bathroom.

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Aesop Herbal Deodorant Roll-On

It’s not for most, but if you have a preference for herbaceous scents, then this roll-on deodorant will be a nice addition to your bathroom. It’s also alcohol-free, which is great if you have sensitive skin. The Herbal Deodorant also contains wasabi extract and a blend of essential oils to keep you smelling fresh.

(price unavailable), Aesop

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Biotherm Homme Day Control Natural Protect

If you want to go green, take a good step with this deodorant, made of ingredients from 100% natural origins. The combination of ingredients which includes aloe vera, organic orange extracts, and more help neutralise odours while allowing the skin to breathe.

RM88 (approx. conversion), Biotherm

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The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Deodorant Stick

We get it — your mornings can be rushed, and nobody has the time to wait for natural deodorants to dry off before you get dressed. Thank goodness then, for the quick-drying feature on this deodorant. It not only minimises odour, but also softens and moisturises underarm skin.

RM39, The Body Shop

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Burt's Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Deodorant

Burt’s Bees is another all-natural skincare brand that you should try out. This particular men’s deodorant is formulated with natural ingredients including citrus oils, Cyprus, and fir. All these ingredients combine to keep you smelling refreshingly good throughout the day.

RM29, Lucky Vitamin

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H&M Conscious Deodorant

Don’t like deodorants that smell too strongly of cologne? Then try this H&M Conscious deodorant out, which is marketed to be one of the milder smelling ones out there. It contains aloe vera to keep your armpits from chafing and flaking.

RM39.90, H&M 

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Jack Black Cool Ctrl Deodorant

In our tropical climate, keeping cool is of utmost importance. This deodorant features an odour-blocking technology and botanical extracts to keep body odour at bay. It also keeps you feeling cool and refreshed throughout the day, which we appreciate.

RM85, KENS Apothecary

7 /7

L'Occitane Refreshing Deodorant

They say that scents affect the mood, so what better way to start off your day than with a deodorant that smells absolutely refreshing? This particular L’Occitane one is made with essential oils of mint, pine, and rosemary to keep you smelling good throughout the day and inhibit any development of body odours.

RM99, L’Occitane

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
Poh Nee is the editor and writes about travel and drinks. When she's not living out her holiday dreams via Google Earth and sipping on an Old Fashioned down at the local bars, you can find her snug at home bingeing on Netflix and mystery fiction.
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