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Give your skin a boost from nature with KOSÉ SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum

The stress of the pandemic may have gotten the best of us, but we shouldn’t let our skin suffer from nasties, too.

Skincare can be such a tricky concept — you do too much and your skin reacts badly, you do too little and your skin won’t reap the benefits. It can also be difficult to find that perfect balance during the lockdown, when you’re stuck at home and your lifestyle changing drastically. When you realised how dry and dull your skin gets, it’s probably too late. 

There’s also the matter of finding a product that’s best for your skin given the ever-changing climate. It is often said that when in doubt, go back to nature. KOSÉ SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum does exactly that — it uses nature’s secret to bring the energy back into your skin.

As part of its SEKKISEI Clear Wellness series, KOSÉ’s latest addition is the also the first-ever formula made up of 87% all-natural ingredients, including Black Yeast Probiotic from fermented Japanese dried persimmons, cultured over 300 hours for maximum effectiveness in every drop. It also contains an original ingredient ITOWA for clarity boosting.

Black Yeast Probiotic works inside the skin and out, protecting it from external damages while acting as a barrier on its surface. By enhancing the skin’s immunity, the comprehensive make-up of the serum makes it your very own skincare ‘front-liner’.

If you think your skin’s looking a little dull, it’s almost always due to dryness. KOSÉ SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum helps you combat this by packing a powerful enough force of moisture in just one drop. It’s no wonder that the serum helps with tired, dull-looking skin — enable your skin to look miles healthier, and leaves a lasting supple feeling. The serum doesn’t just plump up and firm up your skin, it also strengthens the barrier function so that with regular use, the effect is carried in the long run.

Its application is as smooth as the result; the serum’s lightweight texture makes it comfortable to use, and its clean fragrance ideally reflects that refreshing scent of nature. With all this talk of nature, you’ll be pleased to know that the Vitalizing Serum is bottled in a brown glass packaging not only to preserve its 750 million probiotics in 1 bottle, but is also part of SEKKISEI’s goal toward sustainability by using environmentally friendly packaging.

A 50ml bottle of KOSÉ SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum is priced at RM340, and we dare say it’s an essential investment to maintain your skin in its best condition and keep it all-natural, especially in a time of uncertainty such as the one we’re living in.

The KOSÉ SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum is available for purchase at KOSÉ counters nationwide. It can also be purchased via KOSÉ E-boutique and Shopee from 10th October, as well as Lazada from 13th October. Find out more here.