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How effective is gold in beauty products?

You’ve seen time and time again on social media — on how this moisturiser contains real caviar or that serum uses real pearl extracts in its formula. Luxury ingredients in beauty products are nothing unheard of but it’s the four-digit price point that bewilders many. But that’s not stopping beauty enthusiasts to spend — a month-salary perhaps, for something to slather onto your skin. If you’re one of them and is still looking for more to add into your collection, how about some gold?

Gold (we’re talking about pure solid gold and not some colouring) was known as the ‘flesh of gods’. Egyptians believed that it had the ability to reduce inflammation, slow down ageing, boost collagen production and treat sun damage. It was also rumoured to be part of Cleopatra’s beauty regimen. Bottom line: anything she used to maintain her silky, smooth skin and was inscribed as the most beautiful woman during that era — we want some of that too.

Some facial treatments go as far as applying actual 24k gold directly on the skin.

Here comes another question: is it worth the price tag? Gold indeed contains high levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties — but so does aloe vera and even turmeric. While the results may not be exactly up to par, but once you pay such a hefty price tag for a bottle of serum that contains 24k gold in it, you’re expecting it to work like a dream. It will — but keep in mind that it’s not just because of the gold that’s doing wonders to your skin, but also its additional ingredients and the technology behind it.

If you’re still up to the challenge, here are five gold-infused beauty products to get.



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