“To me, beauty isn’t about just having a beautiful face. Beauty is more than what is on the surface. It refers to qualities both internal and external.”

Dr Anna Hoo

Did you know that you could predict your future by examining your facial features? Facial feng shui reading has been going on for centuries and although it’s not for everyone, some believe that it can affect your luck for the year. Better yet, your face predicts what your future holds. We spoke to Dr Anna Hoo, founder and CEO of her eponymous aesthetic group Anna Hoo Clinic on the traditional practice and how it influences medical aesthetic care in modern times. If you’re curious to find out more and if you’re willing to take the next step to achieve that perfect flow of energy, we suggest you read our conversation with Dr Anna below. 

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Do you mind telling us briefly about the practice of face feng shui reading and how it influences medical aesthetics?

Face reading is well-known in not just Asian or Chinese culture, but also Western findings. For example, an asymmetrical face which is highly desired in Feng Shui is also globally a popular beauty standard. Studies have shown that we subconsciously associate symmetrical faces with good health and good genes, thus those with balanced faces are considered more attractive and desirable. However, Feng Shui face reading in Chinese culture specifically is an older practice, it is said even ancient dynasty Emperors had their own face readers. As aesthetic physicians, we do find some links between Feng Shui beliefs and enduring beauty trends, such as the importance of having clear/unblemished skin; and a well-balanced face.

Is the feng shui practice popular among your Chinese patients?

Yes, it is. I have patients who would come to see me after they consulted a feng shui master. They came with specific instructions given by the master to improve the flow of positive energy on their face and to improve their luck.

What is your personal take on face feng shui reading?

I find facial feng shui to be an exciting subject. I learned more about it through my patients, feng shui master, and by reading books. According to feng shui principles, the face is a vital determinant of a person’s luck in life. The flow of positive energy and good luck to a person is influenced by having ideal facial attributes. If such ideal facial attributes are lacking, perhaps that person can decide to get a little help to address the issues and redirect the positive energy flow back to them. For example, a high, rounded, and full forehead signifies high intelligence and authority. A smooth and clear forehead symbolises good luck and wealth. An ideal forehead is full and smooth with no lines, blemishes, and visible scars.

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How does this complement your practice as an aesthetic physician?

To me, feng shui is all about logic and harmony. Aesthetic treatments that can help attain a wrinkle-free and smooth forehead are botulinum toxin (famously known as Botox), Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers like Juvederm, and laser treatments. Botulinum A Toxin is a powerful treatment to reduce facial muscle activity that causes frown and worry lines to appear on the upper face. Filler injections are made of natural biodegradable substances like hyaluronic acid. When injected into our skin, it helps in voluminising, hydration, and support. The hyaluronic acid filler is one of the safest of all injectables out there, with minimal risk of allergy and long-term complications when given by trained hands. While lasers can help to remove unwanted facial pigmentation and scars. In our practice, we can combine the use of these treatments in facial and forehead rejuvenation and contouring to achieve results that are simply amazing.

Can a person identify feng shui markers on their own face?

Feng shui, like many other traditional practices, has become more accessible thanks to the internet. If you are interested in enhancing your looks, you might start by researching feng shui videos, books and articles about face reading to considering which of your own features you might like to improve. However, you may not be accurately assessing your own face simply by looking in the mirror at home. Bear in mind that not all feng shui beauty standards would be applicable to everyone’s face, as there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to enhancing one’s face. 

Why is face symmetry so important in the Chinese culture?

In the Chinese culture, it is believed that there is such a thing as a lucky or unlucky face, with the most important aspect of a lucky face being symmetry (a well-balanced face). This is because a wealthy face that is symmetrical in its two sides indicates life balance, and suggests a smooth life path ahead. Aesthetically speaking, symmetrical faces are highly sought-after in both males and females, as more symmetrical faces are found to be more attractive. Psychologically, a more balanced and symmetrical face can not only change one’s own confidence and outlook but also influence the way others perceive them.

Other than a balanced face, what are other sought-after features?

A strong chin or defined jawline signifies power, tenacity, and endurance and prosperity. While prominent healthy cheekbones suggest wealth manifestation – all that I mentioned are said to bring about better luck, wealth or overall positive outcomes for the individual. These are some of the more common requests from patients who are looking to enhance their looks. The other common request is to enhance the quality of the skin and brighten the skin.

Could you explain more on the safe uses and practice on achieving a ‘feng shui face’ with fillers?

There are multiple ways to achieve better facial symmetry, such as via injectables, implants, fat injection, transplant, as well as surgical intervention. Today, we can use dermal filler injections to achieve similar results as more permanent procedures such as implants, while being minimally invasive, safe and requires little to no downtime. This is what makes injectables or dermal fillers so highly sought after today. Depending on the type of filler used, we can achieve different outcomes for the face – from increasing mid-face volume, balancing or lifting the face, to creating a more sculpted and defined jawline, cheekbones, and nose.

When performed by a trained medical professional, injectables such as biodegradable hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, is a low-risk procedure with no long-term sequelae. Hyaluronic acid is already a naturally produced chemical in our body, and so the biodegradable nature of HA fillers ensures that they do not stay in our body permanently and have no known long-term side effects. Additionally, because our faces change as we age, the non-permanent nature of these products allows us to top-up, refill or recontour our face as we age so that our face appears natural. Hyaluronic acid fillers allow for accurate placement on a specific layer of the face giving rise to more harmony and positive facial expression. 

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As an aesthetic physician, what does the beauty standard of today’s generation mean to you?

Today’s generation of beauty standards says that women and men are expected to take care of themselves, look fresh and confident, work out at the gym, stay lean and fit, and be young and successful. They appreciate their uniqueness. These trends are all influenced by the latest technological developments like Photoshop, social media, beauty icons, celebrities, and so on. When we consult and make a treatment plan for our patients, we should take into consideration their gender, personality, occupation, lifestyle, and the idea of who they want to be. It is essential to know what they want and how they feel before proposing what they need. This is a crucial step to assist patients in aligning their inner self with their external appearance, to bring out their unique identity; this is an essential concept of functional aesthetics.

Lastly, what does beauty mean to you?

To me, beauty isn’t about just having a beautiful face. Beauty is more than what is on the surface. It refers to qualities both internal and external. I always believe beauty comes from within. It’s being comfortable and confident of who you are today no matter what shape, size, and colour you are, but always being the best person you can be. Beauty is about having a healthy body, a beautiful mind with a beautiful personality.

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