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Turn your attention to Shiseido Vital Perfection series for all your ageing skin concerns

Are you experiencing saggy skin, dark spots and deep wrinkles? Shiseido answers with its newly formulated Vital Perfection series.

If you think that anti-ageing care should only start when you’re in your late 30s or early 40s, you might want to rethink your decisions. Getting on a beauty regime that suits you at an early age can benefit you in the long run. But of course, skin concerns start to emerge as we age — this is inevitable.

Hearing the calls of men and women who going through the natural process of ageing, Shiseido introduces the newly formulated Vital Perfection range with the latest Shiseido ReNeutra Technology++ and Kurenai-TruLift Complex. The enhanced skincare series — comprising the Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream and Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream Enriched — helps to reawaken skin’s potential and counteract visible signs of ageing like wrinkles, dark spots and skin’s elasticity.

Shiseido Vital Perfection
Shiseido Vital Perfection series

While skin is constantly being exposed to harmful sun rays and pollutants, multi-functional care can help address the root causes of common skin concerns such as dark spots, pigmentation, sagging and fine lines (from all the smiling of course). With the newly formulated range, you can lift and revitalise skin visibly in just one week. Within four weeks, you’ll be able to see firmer and brightened skin thanks to the this new skin-science discovery that boosts the skin’s ability to regenerate and improves its resilience as well as its suppleness.

There is also the Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Emulsion that’s used to protect skin from dryness and UV damage during the daytime (you can slap on some extra sunscreens while you’re at it). At the same time, it also helps promote brighter and more resilient skin for a lifted look.

Shiseido Vital Perfection
The packaging is inspired by traditional Japanese Raku-ware pottery.

The newly designed packaging of the Vital Perfection series is inspired by traditional Japanese Raku-ware pottery. Derived from Japanese sensibility, the Keshiki — the landscape created when the glaze is fired at certain temperatures — portrays light and shadow using a blue-purple and gold gradient. This represents the benefit of the Vital Perfection; the wish to see changes in your skin every day.

The curved expressions on the surfaces, reminiscent of waves, are said to inspire uplifting feelings each time you pick up the product. On the skin, the concoction is silky and luxurious. The cream is richly moisturising and instantly cocoons the skin for better resilience.

shiseido vital perfection
Use twice a day, morning and night, at the end of your skincare routine.

When applying it — in the morning and evening at the end of your skincare routine — experience the uplifting top notes of citrus and green. The freshness blends with floral and spice middle notes, evoking scents of Japanese noble orchid which is closely associated with happiness, and wintersweet or Japanese allspice that is popular in flower arrangements, poetry and paintings. Wood and musk base notes ground the overall scent — leaving a pleasant fragrance to rebalance your senses.

So the next time if someone asks for a solution that uplifts, revitalises and firms the skin, you can turn your attention to Shiseido Vital Perfection for its multi-functional properties. Oh, and did we mention that it’s suitable for men too?

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