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What is a skincare fridge and do you really need one?

We treat our skincare products with the upmost tender-loving care, but do you really need a cute, mini fridge just for them?

Avid followers of beauty accounts on Instagram would have definitely seen these cute and tiny fridges. Images of a mini-fridge filled with skincare products are constantly flaunted on Instagram, because who puts them on their dressers anymore right?

For the uninitiated, these beauty fridges are not the same as the larger ones you store your food and drinks in. These are specially made to store skincare and masks — because that cool sensation on your skin also works to depuff skin.

Image: @dorkification

Here’s another question that you might be wondering: do I really need a skincare fridge? Well, it all boils down to how extra you are, and if you have extra cash to spare. Skincare products are often stable-tested, meaning these products work well enough in a room temperature environment. Putting them in the fridge does not improve its efficacy nor does it make them last beyond the expiration date. Certain tools such as the gua sha and face roller may perform better if it’s cold, but you don’t exactly need an entire skincare fridge for that.

However, there may be an exception for those who own natural or organic skincare products. These are the ones with a shorter shelf-life and tend to expire in a month or so. Brands like Lush would recommend placing some of its products in the fridge to prolong its life-span.

Owning one is not exactly a crime. If you have the extra cash to spare, by all means. A skincare fridge is one way to keep your products organised and looking as aesthetically-pleasing as ever, like this one from The Beauty Spy. For those who want to bring their #shelfie to the next level, this marble fridge from Teomi may be the most unique one we saw on the internet.

Images: Urban Outfitters and Beauty Fridge

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