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What is the Foreo Bear and why is it ‘currently’ so popular?

The Foreo Bear is the Swedish skincare brand’s latest device that’s going to lift you up — quite literally. 

With the current MCO in place, we’re sure you’ve been doing some form of home workouts to stay active. We know for sure you’re not neglecting your skincare routine, but how about switching things up to make your facial contours fit too? Facial fitness is definitely a thing, fuelled by the likes of jade and platinum rollers and also handheld microcurrent devices to stimulate your facial muscles to work against the grain of ageing. One device to join the bandwagon is the Foreo Bear and the Bear Mini. 

The Foreo Bear.

What is it?

Its name speaks for itself — the device is shaped like a bear with the two microcurrent spheres reminiscent of the animal’s ears. This silhouette says a lot, especially when most in the market tend to take on a phallic design. At least you won’t feel self-conscious whipping this out. 

Design aside, this palm-sized device is meant to tighten and firm the skin, giving you that angled bone structure you so desire, minus the hours of makeup contouring

What does it do?

There are two fixtures here at the heart of the Foreo Bear’s capabilities: microcurrent and the brand’s iconic T-sonic pulsations. The former lets off stimulating microcurrents to tone the skin, while the latter relaxes the facial muscle’s tension points to smooth out appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. Name a better duo, we’ll wait. If you’re worried that the microcurrent will shock you, worry not because the two Foreo Bear models are the only microcurrent devices in the world that have an Anti-Shock System, which guarantees shock-free treatments for your comfort. Basically, it’s safe to use. 

How does it work?

Microcurrent technology isn’t new — there are several devices in the market that uses it to firm the skin to achieve more defined facial structures. Essentially, it emits low-voltage electrical currents that mirrors your body’s own on a cellular level to refine and contour the skin. It breaks down the skin cells so that it grows back stronger — not unlike the theory of damaging your skin to generate new collagen by microneedling

How do I use it?

Foreo recommends applying its own specially-formulated Serum Serum Serum before using the Bear. However, you can also use any gel-based serum as the formula will help with the conduction of the microcurrents. Gently massage the face in an upwards direction on the areas that you’re targeting. The Foreo For You app has several video tutorials on how to massage your face with the Bear. 

What’s the difference between the Bear and the Bear Mini?

As its name suggests, the Bear Mini is smaller in size and targets smaller areas of the face: the under eyes, brow bone area, and smile lines. The bigger Bear has stronger microcurrents and works for the entire face — perfect if you want to target a V-shaped face. 

Editor’s Comments

I’ve been using the Foreo Bear for close to a month now, swapping between the Foreo Serum Serum Serum and my own anti-ageing serums before massaging. It makes for a nice, relaxing final step in my nighttime skincare routine.

One of my skin concerns since entering my late 20s is sagging skin. I know it’s a little early to think of Botox, but now that I’m in my 30s I can truly see a difference — my jawline is not defined and my double chin has become more prominent. 

After using this for a month, I’m starting to see some slight progress: the semblance of a jawline. The double chin is still there, but I fear it might take more than a cute microcurrent device to get rid of it. 

Fingers crossed that in a few months, I can see even more results. 

The Foreo Bear is priced at RM1,380 while the Bear Mini is priced at RM920. It will be available soon on Sephora.my and Foreo.

(All images: Foreo)

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