You may know of the cocoa butter that’s used to create your chocolate bars and cakes but what about in skin and body care? This very much loved ingredient is extremely (and we’re not exaggerating), nourishing when applied on the skin thanks to its high fatty acid content. Plus, since it’s part of your skincare regimen, no extra calories and weight will be gained.

Cocoa butter is derived from cocoa beans, basically, it’s the fatty part of the beans after they go through a roasting process. The fats are then pressed out from the cocoa beans, which is then called cocoa butter. Doesn’t sound that appealing anymore? The result of it is actually a very smooth and creamy consistency, pretty much like the butter you use for your toast in the morning. Since cocoa butter is what gives chocolate its smooth, silky and melt-in-your-mouth experience, the same applies to the skin too once applied. It’s thick in consistency but it gets absorbed into the skin almost immediately, also thanks to the skin’s natural warmth. That’s why it is highly recommended for those with very dry or almost peeling skin, including burns and rashes. Slather it on and watch your skin go from patchy to smooth within minutes.

Cocoa butter is actually the fatty part of cocoa beans.

They’ve always been known to be the ultimate moisturising ingredient but do you know that they have anti-ageing benefits too? There are compounds called cocoa mass polyphenols contained in cocoa butter, which help to improve skin’s elasticity and skin tone, collagen production and hydration levels.

Cocoa butter sounds like a miracle product but don’t rush out to buy a huge block of them just yet. Listed here are products that use cocoa butter as its main source of ingredient. These are conveniently packed with a couple of other ingredients thrown in together to increase its efficiency, so you don’t have to do the hard work of chopping up cocoa butter to use them.

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