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Treat your furkid to some homemade pet snacks made with love by these local brands

Plants are the new pets, and pets are the new kids. So, treat them to only the most delicious homemade pet treats by these brands in Malaysia.

There’s a viral sound on TikTok that goes: “If you don’t have one of these, how are you even surviving this year?”

The original poster was, obviously, referring to a pet. In the past year, more people have been adopting pets during the pandemic lockdown. For starters, they make great companions especially if you’re living alone. Pre-pandemic pets around the world, on the other hand, have been rejoicing the fact that their humans are now at home all the time. Except for cats, of course.

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However, even before the pandemic, dogs and cats have been steadily taking the place of actual human children. Furkids all around the world are getting the star treatment and experiencing new diets — just take a look at the raw food diet trend here. In Malaysia itself, dog cakes have been popular treats in the past decade. But since those are only birthday treats, allow us to point you in the direction of something you can offer your pet any other day: homemade pet treats.

These local brands in Malaysia have created the tastiest and highest quality homemade pet treats for your dog and cat, because your furkid deserves only the best. Check them all out below.

(Featured image credit: Unsplash/ Eric Ward; Hero image credit: Unsplash/ Krista Mangulsone)

Treats so good that even you could eat? Over at Barkery Oven, the brand claims to use human-grade ingredients to create healthy and fresh treats. For cats, you have a choice between air-dried jerky in a variety of meat options: turmeric chicken, ikan bilis (anchovies), mackerel skin, beef lung, and more. There are also biscuit bites for cats in mackerel and chicken flavours. As for dogs, you can also find biscuit bites in tasty flavours as well as natural dehydrated foods such as beef lung, pork liver, white fish, and even vegetables. If your dog has a tendency to steal your peanut butter, get them their own Barking Nuts Peanut Butter from the shop.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @barkeryoven)


As the saying goes: if you want something done right, do it yourself. The founders of Quǎn Dog Treats found that local dog treats were mostly baked goods and humanised treats that aren’t necessarily the most nutritious for your pets. As a result, the treats you find in this shop are made with a simple list of ingredients with no unnecessary excess. In the shop you’ll find dog biscuits and a variety of dehydrated meats including pork innards, duck feet, and more.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @quandogtreats)


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As humans, you’d want to minimise the number of preservatives used in your food. Now, wouldn’t you want the same for your pets too? Chef4Dog promises this by providing all-natural dog food that is entirely homemade and human-grade with no preservatives. The brand also adds herbs and spices into its jerky, which can help your pets improve their skin and health conditions. Try the turmeric chicken slice jerky and beef liver jerky, or the fresh breath chewie made with wheat-free flour, protein-packed eggs, odour-cancelling herbs, coconut oil for a two-in-one purpose.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @chef4dog)


Made for both cats and dogs, Taffy Barkery is based in Penang. Like most of the other brands here, Taffy Barkery champions using a simple ingredients list for its treats with no preservatives, fillers, artificial flavourings, and colours. You also won’t find gluten or grain in its products. We love the freeze-dried fish treats that Taffy Barkery has, which are perfect for both dogs and cats.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @taffybarkery)


5 /6

Over at Mutt Store, we’re seeing some pretty interesting varieties of dog treats: dried beef, pork, and duck trachea. Upon drying, these tubes make for some surprisingly good natural chew treats — who would have thought? The store also sells dried black chicken, duck and chicken necks, duck tongue, and an assortment of pig innards.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @muttstoremy)


The pet cakes at Blink Pets Bakery looks almost too good to eat, but what we really have our eyes on are the cookies and jerky. Both have a long list of flavours, and the cookies can even be customisable to your liking. The well-balanced diet pastries and treats are virtually guilt-free for your furkids – no one will accuse them of looking chunky – and are perfect for both dogs and cats.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @blink_pets_bakery)

Treat your furkid to some homemade pet snacks made with love by these local brands

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