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Let Hammam take you on a golden journey of well-deserved pampering

Looking to treat yourself to some justified self-love? Consider the Hammam spas in Kuala Lumpur and all they have to offer.

Did you know there are gorgeous Moroccan-inspired spas right here in Kuala Lumpur? With handcrafted Zellige tiles, specially carved Berber cedar wood doors and impressive brass doors, Hammam Spas are true sights to behold. Walking into any Hammam location feels like you’re escaping to a realm of wellness and relaxation. Since opening in 2007, the Hammam spas have quickly grown to become well-loved favourites — with outlets in Bangsar Village II, Publika and Isetan The Japan Store in Lot 10.

Characterised by its dazzling aesthetics, the Hammam spas are known for their variety of signature treatments. A place to find tranquility and peaceful paradise without leaving the city, the spas are ideal for everyone searching for quality pampering. For the uninitiated, the spa’s name comes from “hammam”, an Arabic word that means “spreader of warmth”. Traditionally a communal bathhouse, it’s been said that the hammam was essential during the Roman Empire before being adopted by the Arabic culture.

Now, Malaysians too get to experience the same spirit. Wondering what to try when you’re at Hammam? A popular option is My Favourite Concubine. The two-hour treatment (priced at RM398) comprises three distinct yet harmonious stages. Your rejuvenation session begins with Hammam & Gommage (or Bath & Scrub). Let your senses come alive as you step foot into the hammam in your bathrobe. Steamy hot air is released continuously from copper pipes following the hypocaust heating system. The lighting — carefully dimmed — adds to the overall ambience.

Next, take your place on the marble “bed” that’s heated as the therapist proceeds with the cleansing ritual. That involves a warm water bath and the application of the all-natural black Beldi soap. Eucalyptus oil, olive oil, and rare Moroccan black olives come together to form the traditional gel-like soap. About 15 minutes of absorption later, the therapist then continues with the scrubbing after some gentle rinsing. Exfoliation is attentively executed with disposable viscose-silk mitts. Pores re-open as impurities in your skin are removed.

It’s time for the second stage of the My Favourite Concubine treatment — Moorish Rhassoul Body Masque. Seven medicinal aromatic plants and volcanic clay are intertwined to concoct the special masque. Deep purification is heightened; providing hydration and rich mineral content to the skin. When it’s all said and done, expect radiance and softness. This entire process takes about 15 minutes before you are then treated to a body wash as well as hair cleansing utilising Geranium Hair Shampoo and Rosemary Shower Gel.

The third and last part of the My Favourite Concubine treatment takes place outside the hammam. As you put on your bathrobe once again and heads out for a soothing cup of Moroccan Mint Tea, it’s a moment of complete leisure. You’re at ease and basking in the effects of the treatment. However, your golden journey of well-deserved pampering does not end here. There’s the Aromatic Massage, of course. Together with rhythmic strokes and the applying of deep pressure, you’re in for a transcendent affair. House-blended Argan oil is used for its therapeutic elements. Other options include Rosemary & Peppermint, Signature Huile Sacre Oil and Pamplemousse; all different but essential components to elevate your massages.

There are currently three Hammam branches in Kuala Lumpur. But, if you’re thinking of something a little more luxurious, the outlet at Isetan The Japan Store in Lot 10 is the right one for you. What sets this outlet apart from the other two counterparts is the addition of traditional Turkish hammam rituals to your scrub treatment: Turkish Foam Massage and Rosewater Rinse. And you know you’re in for a scrub experience that truly wears the crown.

The thing about the Hammam spas is that there’s something for everyone and treatments come in abundance. Depending on what you desire, you’d be sure to find something that works for you. So, the next time you’re up for a little self-love (be it yourself or with loved ones), you know where to go. Treat yourself — you deserve to be pampered.

Learn more about Hammam HERE.

(All photos by Hammam)

Let Hammam take you on a golden journey of well-deserved pampering

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