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Support local: Activewear brands that you may not know are Malaysian

Noticed an influx of gym-goers in your circle of friends? We did too. Both gyms and fitness centres are also popping up left, right and center, so are the large wave of people flooding into them. As you wait for your turn at the treadmill, you can’t help but take notice of what these gym junkies are wearing. Most of them will be all decked out in workout gears from more popular sports giants such as Nike, Puma, Adidas or Under Armour. Lululemon and Gymshark are also favourites of many. Others? Seem questionable. If it’s neither from the above, most likely it’s a Malaysia-owned activewear brand.

Spot fancy batik-inspired leggings? — it’s probably by Fit Rebel. Notice that little L symbol at the back of the sports bra and leggings? — then it’s definitely Liberty Active. Not just design-focused brands are available, Panaz’s key items are sweat boosters. And that’s not all. Continue on reading for more activewear brands that you may not know are local.

Liberty Active is just a result of a united passion between two friends, Becca and Ming. Now they’ve grown into an empire of active women that supports other women —  which they also call as their liberty. Their apparel not only focuses on comfort but also style and affordability — which are basically what everyone looks for what it comes to activewear.

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When you feel as if those stubborn fats are not going anywhere, it’s time to amp up your gear. Panaz primarily focuses on sweat boosters and they have a whole line of them for almost every part of your body. There’s one for the waist, another for the arms and also the thighs. They’ve also incorporated the same technology into their activewear if you don’t fancy the extra bands on your body.

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Activewear doesn’t mean you should be out of style — Herms will make sure of that. These activewear pieces are designed for both comfort and style, no matter in the gym or outdoors. They’ve also recently expanded by adding swimwear pieces to their brand — of course, with the same concept in mind.

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It’s rare enough to spot batik on your regular casual wear, let alone activewear? But for Fit Rebel, batik is the main core of their designs. Each of them is beautifully designed, but comfort is also its key priority. Think that these combined will cost a hefty price tag? It’s the exact opposite.

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If you’re up for trendier type of activewear, Unizep is the one for you. It has a good mix of basic activewear and stylish ones, with fun and colourful prints that will surely grab attention — in a good way.

A brand name that we’ll surely remember, Banana Fighter is owned by Mandy Yap, who wants to combine both style and comfort in activewear. To some, it may be just athleisure, but each of the item sold on their website is carefully designed and constructed with the best materials to give you maximum results when you’re working out.

Support local: Activewear brands that you may not know are Malaysian

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