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The latest updates to MySejahtera you must be aware of

Initially rolled out on 16 April 2020 to facilitate contact tracing during the onset of Covid-19, MySejahtera is now entrenched in the lives of Malaysians. Waltzing into the restaurant? It is time to fish out your mobile phone and scan the QR code. Entering the shopping mall? The security personnel will stare intently at your vaccination status stated on your app. MySejahtera is where you receive the vaccination appointment. To put it simply, it is a quintessence, not unlike your passport when you travel overseas. 

On the app, you will find anything from basic functions such as your profile and vaccination status, to informative channels such as health information to be made aware of and Covid hotspots, to travel-related options such as applying for home quarantine, pre-departure forms for would-be travellers to Malaysia and so on. 

Regular updates have endowed MySejahtera with a greater scope and increasing functionality. To keep abreast of the latest additions to the app, read on. 

MySejahtera contact tracing
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The latest updates and new features added to MySejahtera in 2022: 

25 July 2022

The latest update gives a new look to the MySejahtera application and now includes new features by providing information on your health status. These latest additions are great for monitoring and procuring details on the user’s height, blood pressure and body weight. You can also book your second booster appointment through the application too.

27 May 2022

In line with the evolution of MySejahtera as app for health and infectious diseases, travellers originating from countries with confirmed monkeypox outbreaks will be notified by the app, as to ensure they will observe for symptoms for 21 days upon their arrival.

3 May 2022

Following Malaysia’s pull back from constant checking in, MySejahtera will also be repurposed. The latest update widens the scope of the Covid contact tracing app to encompass other transmittable diseases such as measles and hand, foot and mouth disease. The infectious disease tracker will update users of outbreak details.

22 March 2022

Get your MySejahtera account verified to land a coveted blue tick like a celebrity’s social media account. Following an update to the latest 1.1.8 version, users can access the new verification feature simply by clicking on “verify now”. All you have to furnish are identification details. The reward is a full access to all the features on the app.

17 March 2022

No more walking in or filling up Excel sheet at respective PPVs and premises of private healthcare providers. MySejahtera will now be endowed with a booster appointment booking system from March 21.

ProtectHealth Corp CEO Datuk Dr Anas Alam Faizli says the enhancement allows users to select their preferred time and locations. All you have to do is select Covid-19 vaccination, click here to book your appointment, see more and confirm.

1 March 2022

Casual contacts of Covid-19 patients won’t be seeing a yellow coded block to their MySejahtera status after the latest update. However, they will still be notified by the app.

21 February 2022 

Changes have been made to the self-test reporting procedure. Previously, users were only required to fill up the form and declare the result (positive, negative or invalid). Now, users must answer several questions such as where and when the test is conducted, as well as the outcome of the test. Users are also required to upload a photo of the test result. 

19 February 2022 

As issues pertaining to vaccination certificates plaguing MySejahtera users continue to pile up, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced that the first physical help desk at the PPV World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur would be set up from February 19, while another at the PPV Ideal Convention Centre Shah Alam would follow suit on February 26. They operate daily as of writing. 

“The virtual help desk on MySejahtera will continue but I have received complaints that there are complainants who have been waiting for a long time for vaccine certificates. We hope they can seek help at these physical help desks,” he explained as quoted by the New Straits Times

25 December 2021 

A new function called MySJ Trace was introduced to the app. The Bluetooth-reliant feature enables more effective close contact tracing with those tested positive for Covid-19. The previous check-out function where users had to manually log out of the places they had checked in had been phased out.  

With MySJ Trace, the Bluetooth connection must be switched on at all times. The feature employs an anonymised unique user ID and will not collect user data and their geo-location. The data is kept on a user’s device for 14 days. The data is furnished to the Health Ministry to conduct a risk assessment on all close contacts. 

The latest updates to MySejahtera you must be aware of

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