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Budget-friendly gym essentials you need for a productive workout at home

All it took was a lockdown to make you realise that your home gym isn’t complete. Take it as a sign to start searching for the right gym essentials, even when you’re on a tight budget.

Working out at home is as popular as it’s ever been. As the pandemic rages on, virtual classes and creating the ideal home gym are on the rise. Thanks to local fitness studios and Youtube, it’s easy to work up a sweat without leaving the comfort of your home. Think about it: you won’t have to rush to the gym or be saddled with guilt about the brutal cancellation fees. Plus, it helps if you’re uneasy about entering a gym during this time. If you’re a beginner or advanced, getting prepared at home with the right gym essentials is the best motivation when you’re stuck indoors all day.

There might be limitations to what you can achieve at home, but having the right equipment can change that. This also applies to those who are on a tight budget – don’t worry, we got you. We know how intimidating it can be to find serenity at home to release stress in a lockdown. At this point, the lines are blurred between work and leisure. The trick is to switch up your daily programs, so you won’t grow bored of the same routine. You can even take your workouts onto your front lawn or at a park to change up the scenery. To boost your fitness game, here are seven home gym essentials to get you started – and they’re pocket-friendly too.

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The number one criterion to finding a good exercise or yoga mat is to look for one with a textured surface. It’s always good to find one that has better cushioning to support and maintain a better grip. If you have weak knees, look for a thicker mat that provides more cushioning. Plus, it’s safer to carry your own mat these days.



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You will be surprised by how much you can achieve with a pair of dumbbells. Not only does strength training boost dynamics, but gaining muscle strength is crucial for your day-to-day task. To start, you can invest in a medium pair of weights, and work your way up from there. While cardio training can have its benefits, resistance training is just as incredible for improving endurance, posture and metabolism.



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Doesn’t this transport you back to your childhood days? Who knew rope skipping would be an ideal form of cardio exercises today. The jump rope is considered an effective way to achieve breezy cardio at home. While it does get your heart rate up, 10 minutes is all you need to warm up before training. For starters, take it easy by focusing on skipping ropes (for 15 minutes or more) to get your daily sweat session in.



Take your glute workouts to the next level with resistance bands. Don’t be fooled by the diminutive size and vibrant colour, as it can actually give your muscle a good challenge. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, treat the resistance band as support to target smaller muscles in your body.



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It’s normal to feel intimidated by kettlebells if you’re a beginner, but trust us, it’s a great tool to have. Kettlebell exercises improve core strength and stability, while combining strength training with a cardio drill. Start with a lighter weight, and once you’ve got the hang of it, test your limits with a heavier upgrade.



It’s time to engage that core. This low-impact tool targets a full-body burn while engaging those core muscles in fluid motions. It may feel odd at first, but your movements will be smooth as ice once you get the hang of it. Be sure to have a smooth surface and get ready to sculpt those arms, legs and the core. You’re going to love the afterburn.



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You might not know this, but owning a yoga block is pivotal to yoga and pilates practices at home. These blocks are useful props (and your best friend) to build strength and deepen the posture – perfect for beginners who are still learning about movements and their bodies. Additionally, this tiny tool packs a punch as it helps to understand internal and external rotations, while maintaining the posture with the right support.

Budget-friendly gym essentials you need for a productive workout at home

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