These are the places we grow up in, learn new things and forge lifelong friendships. They set the scene for our first loves and where we experience our first disappointments. The time we spend in schools is the most enriching part of our lives. Our influences are also certainly not limited to the classroom. Part of the education is the backdrop within which it takes place. Your environment and surroundings play just as important a role as the textbooks you have your head buried in.

A Salford University study found that a school that had well designed elements, including lighting, circulation, acoustics, individuality and colour, could improve pupil performance by 25%. Standardisation of school buildings is deadly to a student’s creativity. It is said that “all real education is the architecture of the soul.” If that is so then a school’s architecture must itself act as inspiration to education.

Whether they are steeped in history or the visions of pioneering architects, we have chosen some of our favourite schools around the world. These institutions have such impressive architecture and vibrant surroundings that you will not only want to send your children to but make you wish you could go back to school too.