Art is an extremely personal language. The artist expresses emotions and conveys their message with each brushstroke. The audience reacts, their feelings evoked and their perception or judgement not always the same as the next onlooker. Then there are those of us inclined to purchase these works, out of pure love of a piece or maybe as shrewd investments. This interchange is a whole different language with more tangible sets of rules – the art of buying art if you will.

For first time buyers this process can be unnerving and adds a more complex layers of emotions that touches the wallet as much as the heart. Put your mind at ease for Suherwan Abu is here to help guide you through your first steps to becoming an expert collector. Suherwan is the founder of Taksu, a leading Southeast Asian contemporary art gallery and specialist since 1989. Aside from his work as a gallerist showcasing the regions finest work, he also leads Taksu Design — an art consultancy which caters for corporate projects, art leasing services, and special commissions.

Some of his projects include HSBC Hong Kong, National Art Gallery Malaysia, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York,  Four Seasons, Maldives and his latest, the new Andaz Hotel, Singapore to mention but a few. Follow this expert’s advice and you will be lachrymose over your new purchase for all the right reasons.