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Get artistic when you sign up for these craft workshops in KL

Face it — there are only so many malls one can visit over the course of a weekend before you start feeling bored. Instead of spending your weekend holed up at home and catching the latest Netflix releases, why not put your time to good use and learn a new skill? Introducing: craft workshops in KL.

Crafting will make you work with your hands in a way you don’t usually get to any other day of the week — unless of course, your day job requires it. Working with your hands is a nice change of pace, stimulates your mind in different ways, and may even help you empty your mind of worries. Plus, you get to keep whatever it is you’re working on at the end of the workshop.

These classes are perfect for beginners who want to tread the waters of a particular craft or simply do something different on a weekend. It ranges from the usual ones such as watercolour to calligraphy workshops to newer, more niche crafts such as macrame knotting and soap making.

The next time a guest visits your place, you can proudly gesture towards your piece of art and claim that you made it. But for now, you need to acquire those skills. Read on to see which workshops strike your fancy.

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Como Soap

There are regular, commercially-made soap bars. And then, there are handmade, cold process soap bars. In this workshop, you will learn all about what cold process soap is, and you will proceed to make two kinds of soap bars: one body soap and one laundry soap. All tools will be provided, so just sign up for a class and show up. There will be a class on the 14th of July 2018.

Find out more here.

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Coralc Atelier

If you have an affinity for leather goods, then you will definitely appreciate handcrafted leather goods. Why not bring this appreciation a step further by signing up for a workshop with Coralc Atelier and learn the nitty gritty details of making your own leather bag or wallet? Coralc Atelier provides group workshops, so bring a bunch of friends and call it a bonding activity.

Find out more here.

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The Craft Crowd

The Craft Crowd is a local craft community that brings artisans and enthusiasts together for regular craft workshops. Visit their Instagram to know what sort of classes are in store for the month. In July, there will be a candlemaking workshop where you can learn to make your own soy and beeswax candles with aromas and decorations to your liking. Tools will be provided, and lunch too!

Find out more here.

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Good penmanship is an art form that is almost lost. Calligraphers around the world are bringing it back with a vengeance by popularising the beautiful skill. There are benefits to sharpening your calligraphy form: the next time gifting season is here, your present will look the fanciest simply by adding the recipient’s name in calligraphy. Join KLigraphy’s basic pointed pen calligraphy workshop to acquire that skill.

Find out more here.

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Black Milk Project

Painting can be a soothing pastime — if you actually knew what you were doing. Learn the basics and work your way up with some watercolour painting workshops from Black Milk Project. This 20th July, they will be having a workshop focusing on the subject of watercolour florals in a jar.

Find out more here.

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One good way to make a house feel like a home is by adorning it with handmade objects that come with a history or fond memory. What better way than to weave your very own macrame wall hangings? Powpowjellyfish often conducts group workshops on macrame knotting. Create your own macrame chandelier, wall hanging, or plant hangers. If you want a smaller session for just you and a friend, just enquire with them.

Find out more here.

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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