Read on to the end to find out how many capsules Red Hong Yi used in her installation with Nespresso Malaysia.

Head over to the Nespresso Boutique in The Gardens Mall and you’ll be able to see the latest art installation done by local artist Red Hong Yi. Using discarded Nespresso coffee capsules, Red designed ‘Kaleidoscope’ — an installation comprising seven mirrored panels reflecting the words ‘Doing is Everything’ for an infinity, kaleidoscopic effect.

Floriane Novello, Business Executive Officer of Nespresso Malaysia and Red Hong Yi in front of ‘Kaleidoscope’ at the Nespresso Boutique in The Gardens Mall.

To craft the phrase, Red had painstakingly cut out the aluminium parts of the capsule at the right angle and size, using over 24,000 pieces of Nespresso pods. Now if that isn’t dedication, we don’t know what is. The installation itself is 1.46m in height and weighs 70kg — a true testament that the act of recycling can result in the most beautiful art pieces.

“I would say this experience is a unique one, as I breathe new meaning into ‘second life’ by recycling used Nespresso aluminium capsules into a work of art. I believe that we each play a role in making a difference for our planet, and through small improvements in our everyday actions we are certainly one step closer towards sustainability,” said Red Hong Yi.

The piece took six months to finish, from conceptualising to execution alongside the help of her team. When asked how much coffee she had to drink over the course of this project, she jokingly said that she probably had more than two cups of coffee a day.

It took Red Hong Yi and her team six months to put the installation together.

“Sustainability is rooted in the heart of everything we do at Nespresso…we are happy to work with Red on this collaboration to share the message towards sustainability and recycling. It is absolutely admirable that she brought to life this message through her artwork. Through this collaboration, we hope for everyone to join us in the journey to reduce, reuse and recycle while enjoying our finest coffees,” said Floriane Novello, Business Executive Officer of Nespresso Malaysia.

See the ‘Kaleidoscope’ art installation for yourself at the Nespresso Boutique in The Gardens Mall now. An art exhibition showcasing Red Hong Yi’s inspiration and behind-the-scenes work will also be held at the South Palm section in the mall from 9th to 18th April 2021.

Recycle your Nespresso coffee capsules and grounds at Nespresso Boutiques in 1 Utama or The Gardens Mall.

Also, should you feel inspired to recycle your own Nespresso coffee capsules, you can drop them off at the Nespresso Boutiques in The Gardens Mall or 1 Utama Shopping Centre. You can also try the Recycling@Home option where you can pass your bag of Nespresso capsules to the courier, which will then be sent to the local recycling centre. This service is available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Penang, and Negeri Sembilan.

(All images: Nespresso Malaysia)

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