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Catch up on your reading with these 5 e-books

Now is arguably the best time to catch up on reading. Our list of e-books will surely help you get through the days easily.

Let’s be honest – when was the last time you picked up a book and actually finished it? With so many distractions in our daily lives – which new cafes to visit or which bars to hang out at – we can’t help but put reading aside.

But now that we’re effectively under house arrest – a movement control order, if you must – there’s no more excuse to make. Put a pause on your Netflix bingeing and retire into a cosy nook in your home, because it’s time to catch up on some good, old-fashioned reading.

Not too old-fashioned, though. Browsing the bookstores isn’t an option right now, so we’d like to point your attention towards e-books instead. In the next two weeks, attempt to check off these five books from your list. We’ve taken the liberty to include varied options so no two books are the same.

While you’re reading, put on some relaxing tunes to chill to.


Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction, Feminism, Political Fiction.

All around the world, young girls are simultaneously discovering a hidden power within them, similar to electricity. Only the women have this power, and young girls have the ability to “awaken” this power in older women. 

Suddenly, women find themselves at an advantage over men – the age of patriarchy is over, and both parties feel what it’s like to be on the opposite side of things. 

This novel explores what things could be like if there were no patriarchy in the world. It’s not necessarily a good thing, as readers will soon find. Power, whether given to men or women, can be dire when fallen into the wrong hands.

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Genre: Non-fiction, Biology, Anthropology, Historical.

Maybe you’ve already read this, maybe not. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an iconic book worth having in your collection. There is no better time than now to reflect on the history of humanity, know more about it, and where the future of humanity could possibly be heading towards. All these and more can be found in Yuval Noah Harari’s non-fiction book, which has been highly recommended by the likes of Barack Obama and Bill Gates.


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Genre: Non-fiction, Autobiography, Pathology.

If you love gore and the more macabre side of things, then this book is for you. Dr Judi Melinek is a pathologist in New York City, and this autobiography chronicles her experience as an NYC medical examiner in the early 2000s. In this book, you’ll find raw detailings of her daily life as a pathologist, from the gory ways New Yorkers die – one particular account likens a man boiled alive like a lobster – and also the grisly account of putting together body parts in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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Genre: Fiction, Romance.

With the world full of negative news lately, sometimes you just want to escape into a light-hearted novel that leaves you weak in the knees. This book is one such novel. It’s a humorous account of titular fictional character Eleanor Oliphant who has zero socialising skills and has a tendency to speak her mind – at the worst times. Then, she meets a male colleague with whom she eventually develops a deep friendship with, both rescuing each other from their isolation. It’s a fun read that will allow you to escape from our dreary world of late.


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Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller.

A gripping book that will have you reading from cover to cover in the span of two days – forgoing water, food, and sleep – this psychological thriller will get into your head and never leave. The premise begins with the main character Alicia Berenson, a famous painter married to a successful fashion photographer. Their relationship seems perfect in the eyes of others until she shoots her husband in the face five times. When arrested, she keeps silent and gives zero explanation, leaving criminal psychotherapist Theo Faber determined to solve this crime.

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